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He's lucky to have gone so many matches without a breach, to be honest. Been over-appealing and shouting down umpires/opponents since day one of the domestic season. Like Wade's batting, but is his captaincy promotion a case of mistaking fighting/feisty attitude with leadership qualities?


Yar, like Warner's attitude is pointed out as captaincy material.


is the Wade valley going to be a national park, given that it has occurred in a protected area?

Hangover Black

Wade's just following in the fine tradition of Victorian keepers - a la Adam Cheatswaite.

 Big Ramifications

Do you know what would have been really nice.. if the article had reported a] who twigged to it? The umpees, or did a Tasmanian player give the umpees a heads-up?

And b] How in the fark did this "valley" get created? I'm guessing Wade was doing something on the sly between deliveries. Was he kicking the pitch? Pressing his bat into the pitch?

"While batting during Victoria's first innings, umpires determined that Wade had tampered with the pitch," Cricket Australia said in a statement. "Both umpires considered the change to the pitch, which resulted in the creation of a long valley within the protected area, had been created by means other than natural wear and tear."
Is that too much to ask from a flagship news service? Really?

It might, y'know, require some old fashioned gumshoe journalism, rather than sitting on yer lazy ass, tarting up Cricket Australia press releases. You might have to get the rolodex out and ring one of your SOURCES to get the low down. At least give us a sniff.

Not even a sniff. Pathetic.


Shaun Graf called it a "blur on his copybook", which is all kinds of wrong. Graf needs to get his head checked by a jumbo jet. It won't be easy, but nothing is.

Tony Tea

I've got a blur on my copybook, which is handy since it covers up all my blots.


too much Parklife for Shaun Graf methinks


Unless the umpire is completely blind there'd be no way of missing Wade destroying the pitch "while batting"... unless he did it while marking his guard, sticking it a yard and some down the track. Wouldn't be the first. But seems a harsh penalty if that's the case.


Russ, a yard down the track isn't problematic is it? It's half-volley time.

He'd have to be taking guard three yards out, which is insulting the quicks a bit.

Maybe he was scuffing the same place over and over again while setting off for runs - starting quick singles and 'being sent back' so turning his boot in the same spot etc.

Tremlett apparently starting for us (says the Mail, which is usually quite well informed, actually); the talk I've read is about the Gabba having a lot of bounce these days. is that right? How is he likely to go, assuming a decent level of control?


Dan, the protected area starts 5ft out from the crease. But a lot of players like to make a second mark in front of the first (Chanderpaul for instance with his odd little bail hammering). If Wade was batting a yard out of the crease his second mark is on the edge of the protected area. Though why the umpire would let him is beyond me - but then the article is vague, so who knows the reason.


We'll be lucky to get a full day's play on any of the days of the first test. Wezzer looking to be shizenhauzen.


Adelaide is supposedly a bit lifeless after the re-lay too. 0-3 on the cards; maybe even 0-2. What a kick in the nads that will be for the English; sent home with their tail between their legs with such a pathetic margin.


Finally, all those carbon emissions bear fruit.

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