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Tony Tea

This post was brought to you by The Drain Man.

Reg Sipco

MMM with Dan Ginnane has the best League commentary going. Ginnane follows the game blow by blow and imparts it to your ear, thus your brain for visualisation. He doesn't ramble on as the play goes on about how he hates refs, or some spurious point the last play brought up which reminded him of something that happened 10 years ago.

He calls each moment as it happens, and breaks for Sterlo for quick interjections of analysis and keeps Johns on a tight side-line eye rope.

Hope they do the same for the cricket.


Thanks for the league tip, I'll give it a go tomorrow.

So long as they don't take the webstreaming away from aunty I'll be happy.


Agreed, Tony - the best thing about the rayjo coverage is that there's much more space to fill, so they have to fill it. This means that the various commentators are obliged to actually come up with vaguely interesting and engaging things to say - you can (and they do) get away with all sorts of rubbish on telly when there are pictures to back it up and ad breaks to hide in. I have fond memories of ABC coverage on the wahless back home but haven't listened to it for ages given my Northern Hemisphere bias, and I absolutely adore TMS on the BBC. Not only it the coverage well-informed, accurate and interesting, but they sum up the "flanneled fools" aspect of the game without resorting to cheap laughs. Sometimes the best bits are when it's raining! No matter how much of a spazz I am on the field, it really makes me feel part of the game knowing that the banter that goes on in the TMS box from proper cricketers with loads of pedigree is EXACTLY the same in the dressing room of my club in London. To whit, some of my happiest moments in recent times have been getting on a Dutch train with WiFi and being able to listen to Tuffers and Vaughney talk shit. I couldn't imagine it with ads.

Blowers is kind've annoying though, I have to say. His self-caricature schtick is a step too far for mine.

Henry Blovefeld

Blowers is a nice old duffer, but way too fruity and he gets everything wrong.

'So it's Broad, in now... No, it's Anderson, I do apologise... He's in now, he's up to the wicket, he bowls... And Clarke... I mean Watson is back and playing this out to mid on where it's fielded by... Is that Broad? No it can't be... It's... Yes, it is, it's Broad. No, it's Bairstow, I do apologise. And there's no run. And a bus, the first bus of the day...'

Drives you mad.


I like TMS too. Love it when they go to the sub-continent as you get travellers' tales of tuk-tuk near misses and stories of the state of the commentary box or ground. Should be boring but as it's the TMS crew, it never is.


Alcohol. Think Again. Western Warriors.

Truly, they are really called that now. Don't. Know What. To Say.

Tony Tea

Say it in Barney from the Simpsons voice.


Do as we say, not as we do, Western Warriors

I've taken to listening on mute, no radio, no tv. The radio is useful if you really aren't paying attention, especially if it is in front of the vision. But they talk complete tosh, most of the time.

I did find this interesting, from Cozier on McGilvray:

A few techniques such as when the bowler was running in to bowl to the batsmen English commentators you will hear say he's on his way and he bowls. He said 'don't say that because as soon as you've said that you are a second or two behind and the batsman has the ball with him so when he's on his way just transfer your attention to the batsman and say Jones is on his way and Smith is back, forward, drives, pulls, whatever and you won't be behind the play.'

Baseball radio commentary kills modern cricket radio.

That said, I've quite enjoyed the associate commentary on the streams. They actually only have one commentator (usually Brian Murgatroyd) and then a rotation of guests he interviews in between the play, moving from the game to issues. Not sure if you could carry it over 30 odd days of cricket in a summer, but it works well for this context.


Where are the associate commentary streams?


The WCL matches were streamed off the ICC website. Presumably they'll do the same for some of the WT20 qualifiers in November. There are a handful of streaming companies doing that level of cricket: QuipuTV, Rogers in Canada, and whoever does the UAE games; plus you can get streams of Afghan and Nepalese TV, if they pick up matches.

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