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Big Ramifications

Fuck me, it's David Bairstow.

Big Ramifications

Give me that link of Riff Raff getting a line ball smack on the bonce while the old codger in the crowd yells "dead ball! dead ball!"

I need it.

I need it bad.

Tony Tea

You'll have to do the hard yards, Biggy. I cannot remember where it is.

Dwayne Russell

That's "line drive", not "line ball."

I think you should leave all the hipster American cross over commentary to me, mmmkay?

Full marks for David Bairstow, however. You are psychotic.

Big Ramifications

You don't deserve nice things, Tony. http://aftergrogblog.blogs.com/cricket/2012/02/undead-ball.html

Tony Tea

David Bairstow has been dead 10 years or more.

Professor Rosseforp

Unless that was another insurance rort.

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