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Tony Tea

Theory! Australia reflexively bats first when it wins the toss, so if the pitch is a road Australia tonks away regardless of any precise target, while the team batting second batting has the advantage of knowing how much to score and the exact required run rate to get there.

For the record, I formed this opinion when Australia lost to South Africa at Jo-burg. It looked to me that Australia could have scored more, but cruised through the last few overs already assuming they had enough.

Tony Tea

Gideon: "there are arguments that this run hyperinflation is uniformly bad."


Also comes down to bowler selection. Non-wicket taking bowlers mean you dont create the pressure to stop the flow of runs. Having said that, all these games apart from Joburg are recent, when our bowling stocks were not at their peak? Still the batsman have done a reasonable job on all these occasions. World cup winners have the best bowlers I reckon, though thats a review for another day

Tony Tea

Mind you, in that Jo-burg game Australia went 12, 7, 28, 11, 14 off the last 5 overs, so they weren't exactly digging in.


Australia also has the top 5 highest scores (and 6 out of the top 7) in the first innings resulting in a loss.

Australia has never lost a match scoring over 289 runs and less than 331 - that's 53 games without a loss.

Clearly on a flat deck we need to put the breaks on and get the game into our kill zone

Tony Tea

The moral of the story is "don't count your chickens until both sides have batted."

Big Ramifications

"New Zealand features four times, and in fact six out of the top fourteen."

I will nevarr forget NZ's high-200 run chase vs. England in the early 1980s. It completely blew my mind, the sheer impossibility of a bunch of plodders chasing such an impossible total.

Australia has only lost one ODI off the last ball.

Those balls.

Tony Tea

That was at Adelaide oval around Australia Day. I remember it well, as I was over here in Melbourne on holidays from the North West and when I flew back to WA the three sides were getting pissed on the plane to Perth.

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