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When I first started watching Test cricket on the BBC (1975 Ashes), the pictures were obviously rubbish but the commentary was excellent. You could go three overs between Richie and Jim (Laker) saying anything, but when they did it was interesting.

Never mind the bias, which is partly natural and partly (I think) imaginary, this lot are just way too gobby, plus the ratio of blindingly-obvious-comments-to-fill-dead-air to I-didn't-know-that is horrible.

I like:
Atherton and Hussain, and Warney for his nous and comedy value.

I don't like:
Botham (thick, boring)
Holding (quota, boring)
Strauss (high-pitched, boring - but could get better)
Lloyd (not 1% as funny as he thinks he is)
Gower (endless, boring prattle).

Have you tried BBC 5 Live Sports Extra on the web? I listen to that with the TV sound down. Agnew, Mann and Maxwell are very good, and the experts are good too (admittedly, Vauaghan, Boycott and Tuffers might not be to your taste and McGrath needs to be a bit more confident in his delivery).


Couple easy fixes to all this, volume 0 or mute. I haven't heard a word since the whole thing started.


Atherton and Hussain don't appear to have any particular brand of schtick for want of a better word.

That's something that makes Lloyd and Botham very annoying. They obviously think they've got 'character' to uphold.

Strauss' voice is unfortunate as he's not that bad.

At least they aren't nein.


I really need to add Gowers advice and live tutorial of how to bowl a ball, gold commentry, even strauss nearly broke into a personality

Cricket Brain

I like Holding the best, however Strauss is alright, he can be insightful at times. The commentary team may be boring at times, but I'd still prefer it over the muppets at Channel 9.

Ankur Upadhyay

I like holding too but i really like whatever i saw of simon...

Chronicles of Indian Cricket : http://football-meets-cricket.blogspot.in/2013/07/chronicles-of-indian-cricket-part-1.html

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