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In my opinion, the nine team could do no worse than the current selection panel. Usman K has played one first class game in 2013. What sort of pre ashes coordination is this for a player trying to do his best for his country. Its a joke.


More evidence that the limited overs tournament (perhaps game) is meaningless tosh.



Why not give the sponsors a say, too?

Let them pick a male model from Mudgee to bat at three to increase the buy-in from the female audience.

I've been reading a lot of your blogs and papers this year, and I just cannot understand what has happened to the Aussies. Surely you must be producing better bats than Warner and Hughes?


Let Slats pick the team, I'm given up my state bias for now.

I've got to the point where if I see two 'we have no idea how to win matches as we never do' WA players at the crease (as I did with the Champion's League matches) I'll just about give up watching cricket.


Keddie to open with Rogers. Couldn't do worse than Our Phil will.

Tony Tea


Big Ramification

Before the NBL almost went tits-up, the broadcaster was openly barracking for the Sydney Kings to win a championship because it "will be good for the league. Both in the comm box and "filler gabfest" segments , it was repeatedly slipped in.

Funnily, they never mentioned that a strong league would be GOOD FOR RATINGS. And that it would also mean fatter wallets for a whole bunch of people directly and indirectly involved. From the NBL Chairman and his lickspittles [who get chunky pay rises because we neeeed to pay that sort of money to attract the talent to run such a strong league] down to the people flogging NBL gear on the lower concourse.

This is a no brainer, duh, but what a FOOLISH thing to admit to being impartial, and what a RUDE UNPROFESSIONAL thing to repeat over and again to your national audience. That sorta crap quickly leads to this:

It doesn't have to be handshakes in back rooms and brown paper bags. Some people are good at playing the game, good at keeping their mouths shut. Maybe a ref hears all this Sydney talk and decides to *help* things along on match night. See point 2 in the link above. Important people notice. He's got a chip in the game.

Subtle cooperation, like in the movies when US President quietly says to his trusted CIA go-between. "I think you know what is required."

Is it a coincidence that nearly all Google hits for the terms nba rigged are Lakers games? A team that is "good for the league." http://thechive.com/2013/04/02/is-the-nba-rigged-you-decide-video/

So back to the cricket situation. A] Given there will be some interference from the TV rights holder, what the fark would they know, anyway? Huge chance they'll get it wrong. And since their interference will be focused on what is perceived to be GOOD FOR RATINGS, this will probably end up translating to GOOD FOR MORONS.

And B] Do you think adding an extra level of "power players" with no CA job description, lurkin' in the shadows, is gonna be a wise thing?


Do we even know what the best eleven is? Does anyone?

Maddinson - in form, apparently can build an innings
Cowan - stable, accumulator
Hughes - supposedly has potential, needs a score or Rogers moves up a spot
Rogers - seems to be a run machine in the UK
Clarke - back permitting
Watson - heart permitting, needs to bowl, Khawaja in if he's useless
Wade/Haddin - I think Haddin plays if Clarke not 100%
Pattinson - gun bowler, solid bat
Siddle - workhorse/striker on the day
Starc - great on his day, consider Bird
Lyon - past couple of years show he's our first choice non ethnic spinner

Seems like a lot of potential - Smith, Khawaja, Hughes, Maddinson etc but no ones actually grabbed the ball and run with it.

I think big defeats for Aus in Tests 1 and 2 might lead to some experimenting with a view to winning the return series.


Mea culpa. Harris instead of Starc.


It sounds like Maddinson is going for glory, not exactly building an innings as such. He's obviously got a great eye.

I'd like Bird or Harris to be in there. Starc might like these conditions very much. He's pretty useless if it becomes roadie.

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