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Tony Tea

I suppose Ten was okay with the footy - they'd probably make a reasonable fist of the cricket. Hope they realise the cricket audience is mainly grown ups.

Tony Tea

"Moribund" always makes me think of Peter Gabriel.


Better the devil you know?

Tony Tea

None of Seven, Nine or Ten do sport particularly to my liking. But on the whole, it is probably better if a network change shakes things up. Seven had Aussie rules for ages, but Nine and Ten in combo took it over in 2002. Even though it was still Australian network telly, the change was as good as a holiday. Seven's footy up until the end of 2001 was utterly dreadful.

The key fly in the liniment is that there is bugger all depth in Aussie Rules commentary circle. Can Ten lure some top quality commentators from overseas?


Excellent point re the footy. Massive improvement there with the rights changing multiple hands, multiple times.

Nine's coverage has been technically awful for ages - it's onscreen graphics are probably the worst of all televised cricket, showing hardly any information. Commentary has been circling the plughole for a while now and what about HD? It's incredible that 9 went backwards and now doesn't show the cricket in HD. At least One will be HD.


Are Ten showing the time left in the footy yet? Let's hope that isn't one of their innovations to come! Seriously though, a move to One would be a step up, as would getting rid of the dead wood that is the Nine commentary team, and, maybe, a pure audio feed (with ad breaks), so viewers could be spared the talking heads. Getting the guys from the SBS Ashes coverage couldnt hurt.

Tony Tea

Valued broadcast defendant:

Domestic dispute puts CA and Nine on brink of split

The 36-year relationship between Australian cricket and Nine is in danger of splitting after the sport's ruling body launched legal action against the network.


Ah, clever. The Australian article makes it clearer.

Ten has overbid for the international rights, and underbid for the BBL. Which is a poison pill for Nine. Either:
a) The court rules that the BBL is a separate component to the bid. In which case Nine can match Ten's bid for the international rights (expensive) and Ten can bid on the BBL as a separate competition (with no alternate or only Foxtel/low alternate bids). And arguably a competition tat suits their demographic anyway.
b) The court rules that the BBL is part of the contract, forcing Nine to match the overall bid and show the BBL.

If Ten has also bid to show the Ryobi Cup the court will also need to rule on whether that is added value, forcing Nine to match that, or over-bid for international cricket to make up the value.

CA is sitting pretty regardless. But I'm hoping the court rules that the BBL is part of the contract, and Nine bails. Having them destroy test cricket on one channel while studiously ignoring the BBL on Ten (as they did Foxtel) will further entrench the whole "T20 isn't cricket" bullshit.


Ten will probably do a countdown clock in the last hour before stumps every day, sponsored by a hardware manufacturer. Clarke Rubber Time.

Tony Tea

Accompanied by The Holy Grail.

Tony Tea

Well, I don't know about this:

Nine: better the devil you know

Since it was revealed by Fairfax Media that Channel Ten had emerged as a very real alternative to Nine as the broadcaster of Australian cricket, it has been impossible to ignore a harrowing image.

I like Richard Hinds' work, but I struggle with the notion Ten would shell big bickies for the rights, then staff the comm-box with boobs (any worse than the ones we already have on Nine).


Something has just occurred to me - what would happen to archived footage if the coverage went to Ten? Presumably it stays with Nine? In which case, any sort of analysis of bowling actiions, batting techniques etc would only be able to be shown from that season on - stuff as recent as last season would essentialy have to be ignored. And if the cricket went the way of AFL and only moved for a season or two, those seasons, which would include an Ashes series, would have to be ignored too.

That's not to say that I don't think it's high time for a move. And I didn't agree with Hinds' article above either - I don't care if they put the Breakfast presenters on there, it's bound to be better than the drivel we've had to put up with for the last few years.

Any news on who is covering the English stint of the Ashes, by the way? There's always someone, isn't there?


Giggling breakfast presenters would be an improvement on the Slats/Heals/Tubbs triumvirate of shame.

Tony Tea

Channel Nine may be forced out of bidding war for rights to televise Australian cricket.

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