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Tony Tea

... and at least Bird is in.

via collins

I believe that team gives ample opportunity to win or lose the Ashes going forwards.


Gold, via collins.

I'm not hopelessly opposed to most selections. I don't think Watson deserves to be there (Cosgrove), are ambivalent on Hughes and would rather have not gone back to Haddin (Paine). There are also too many batsmen, given bowlers always break (Butterworth). Some people are opposed to the lack of a second spinner, but while O'Keefe is probably worthy of that, I doubt they'd play him.

Tony Tea

The batting cupboard is almost bare. There is no "Pick me!" keeper now that Wade sealed his fate in India. Lyon will have to do. But at least there are a few quicks; a fit Harris will be handy.

Cummins - one Test wonder?

Hard to see us making enough runs often enough to regain the Ashes. I reckon The List will get a few additions.


Cummins is 20, most fast bowlers are reliable from age 25 to 30. Hopefully he is not destroyed by then, and don't expect too much from him before then either.


I read an interesting article (maybe here?) saying that over-bowling young quicks before they're about 24 is like handing out a death sentence. Given that, the rotation policy and Cummins' fitness track-record since that Test, I don't think we'll be seeing him for a little while yet, but I definitely think we'll be seeing him again.

People will disagree with me, but I'm not sure what Johnson did to not get at least get into the squad. He had a great Australian summer and one poor Test in India, and now he's out. Maybe when one of the quicks (Harris is my bet) breaks down he'll get The Call.

Bit of a worry that not a single bowler asides from Watson has played a Test in English conditions, actually. Another reason to pick Johnson?


Can't carry two flakes in the same team and Watto is already there. Mitch can ink up on his own time.

M. Patard

Thank God you've returned. I thought you must have passed out under a storm of dirty nappies.

M. Patard

A song for Oz Cricket fans.

Not that it will help much, we're fucked. Still....

M. Patard

That last comment was general, but specifically for m0nt. I count 8, eight, New South Welshmen in the squad.

Which leaves another eight to get rid of, for more N.S.W. The premier state.

Here come the Aussies

Squad looks ok. We might jag one match. One of the few really positive things about that squad is that Johnson isn't in it.

Hughes will probably make a record number of nicks to slip if Clarke suddenly doesn't lose form and beat him to the record.


Carrot: you shut your bitch mouth. The non-selection of Studsy for the Ashes is the greatest thing in cricket this year.

Pat: I believe this squad is about what Gideon expected, which was to be full of Sydney hacks. One wonders how long it will take before Hughes gets found out yet again on English soil. Haddin is a joke, obvious captain's pick. He's 57 years old ffs. The only saving grace there is that Klutzy will probably do his hammy bending down to pick up a fag in the tour game, and Wade will play anyway.

It does seem like we have a middle order full of openers. Where does Rogers bat in the XI, if at all? I suppose the reasoning is that fourth drop is usually going to come in against the first new ball anyway.


Oh - didn't see Sid Vicious in there. He played in the '09 installment.

Owner of a bitch mouth I may be, I just thought Studsy turned a corner last summer. Apparently the establishment think otherwise.

Tony Tea

Studsy, one word, one number: Lords, 09.


Studsy doesn't have enough control over the seam to turn a corner.


This article is in.

I will be highlighting your articles on the tests and anything cricket so mind your speech please.

great blog.

m0nty, go to my place to "debate" the catallaxians or ask me how or where to find the data.


You could describe this squad as fairly 'conservative' - based on the crazy selection stuff they were doing for the Indian tour.

Whilst I really like Faulkner, I'm a little confused at where he is supposed to sit in a selected test side. He is touted as a Watto replacement, but with a highest score in all forms of cricket of 89, he is clearly not a top or middle order batsmen. So that means he would take a bowlers spot. Not sure he is strong enough to push out any of the bowlers.

...and Rhino is injured again!

Tony Tea

That's odd. I left a comment a few hours ago about Harris.


If I can remember correctly.

"Don't speak too soon. Harris is injured (again). Studsy could be back in business."

Tony Tea

Who or what is Trampis?


Defining oneself in the breach is so negative.


Oh, I see nottrampis is actually the famous Homer. They bang on and on about him over at the Cat as some sort of mythical boogeyman. I can only dream to reach such legendary trolling status.

Interesting history lesson on the 1930s response to the depression, Homer. JC used that example as a success story of austerity in the current thread on the subject.

Back on cricket, at least Spearmint had the good grace to get injured nice and early. I only hope that doesn't mean Studsy is next cab off the rank. Butterworth surely.

The sun's gawn again

Did anyone really expect Harris to be fit for the Ashes? I don't think he's played for Aus since that West Indies tour.

They can pick Johnson just for the blood sport element now. I like the Rogers pick, surely they wouldn't pick a 78-year-old batsman just to carry drinks? That's Ussie's job.

via collins


I don't keep records on this sort of thing thank christ, but i'd bet London to a brick that the "pundits" had Port Adelaide and Essendon at 15th and 16th on the ladder in their pre-season pages.

Perhaps they know something I don't, but wrong enough??

Oh yeah, Harris is injured. Is the IPL good for anything but creating nonsense records, and enabling our players to injure themselves on the eve of real work?

ffaaarrrkkknnnn 'ell.



I am not a troll, I showed that Asuterity did not contribute to recovety at all.

tony, Trampis was the character frorm the greatest Western series of all times


how could O'Keefe not be picked

Tony Tea

Do you mean Trampas?


O'Keefe cannot be picked as that would remove him from the void in which he ...and then the planet shift its axis... and then where would we all be?

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