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Big Ramifications

Crikey. I had a poke around that blog. His piece on Warne was superb. It was like he was reading my mind.

I don't care what he does off the field. I don't care how stupid or ill mannered he is.

Why the hell does he remain so popular with females? [women, eh?]

But his behaviour lately has got me thinking....

It's all there, but much better writing and no profanity.


Tony Tea

Shit yeah. Rusty is the business. (Except he goes out for breakfast.)


Great recommendation, BigR. The Warne article is horribly accurate. The bit describing Warne as a teenager outside his ex-girlfriend's house with the boombox doing power ballads was beautiful but I couldn't laugh, I was wincing so much on Warne's behalf.

Which is insane as he's incapable of wincing on his own.


I'd like to defend my integrity and say that on such breakfast outings, I never order anything that isn't available at your average Greasy Spoon.

Big Ramifications
1. I don't care what he does off the field. I don't care how stupid or ill mannered he is.

2. Why the hell does he remain so popular with females? [women, eh?]

3. But his behaviour lately has got me thinking....

If y'all will allow me to indulge myself and add one more point to that "Russell Jackson read my mind" bullet list, and blow some more smoke up his ass at the same time.
4. Pre-planned, shirt lifting pulling, angry finger waving, shouty BBL incident by Warne.

That was also my guess, having only seen a few photographs, and the wisdom gained at having sat thru plenty of staged aggro in the past [eg. Newman vs. Dunstall, Greig vs. Lawry, Eminem vs. Sacha Baron-Cohen, McEnroe vs. everything on card table].

However, I pegged it as a publicity stunt for T20, whereas I think Russell calls it correctly as a selfish publicity stunt, or Warnie simply showing off for his missus.

I've got a helluva lot of time for the latter theory, now that he mentions it. I can't believe I didn't think of it myself.

Big Ramifications

"Shit yeah. Rusty is the business."

"Rusty"? Get a room, you two!

Tony Tea

The quibble I have with the 'Warnie showing off to his missus' theory for his Bubble melt-down is that it is too teenage. Surely, surely, Warnie at 40-something is past such a childish display of look-at-me. Yes, it is Warnie, but surely that is a step too low. Even for Shane.


It's really not, TT. He is regressing by the year. He'll end up looking like Baby Jane Hudson by the time he meets his maker.

Curly wig and all.

Tony Tea

Whatever happened to baby Shane?


I think the way he is constantly asking his twitter followers where he should take Liz shows that he's regressed to an adolescent mentality. It's like Warney has no proper mates, so there is no level-headed person around him who has the balls to say, "mate, maybe ease off on the Twitter PDA's, everyone still realizes you're engaged to Liz Hurley."

Or maybe the Twitter stuff points to a weirder insecurity; that he genuinely believes that Liz Hurley is more famous than he is. Is it possible to be star-struck within your own relationship? I guess only a famous person could answer that.

Play this game at home; try thinking of a more perfect celebrity wife for Warney than Liz. You've got to hand it to the champ, we probably couldn't come up with any better plot.

Tony Tea

Warnie does National Geographic, Michael Bevan the wanker, et al, etc, et the rest.


My name is Shane Warne. Maybe you remember me. I'm Baby Shane Warne!

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