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The Don has risen

I'm certainly glad I do not have to worry about 15 degrees of freedom when i umpire

M. Patard

Hi Tones and the AGB gang, just drinking a bottle of grenache and syrah in downtown Paree and thought you might like to know I spotted a fella with a Melbourne Demons beanie on.

He was an obese asian that looked kinda retarded, and was chatting with a black lady that reminded me of one of those old boot polish ads, the ones with the hair that look good for scouring pots and pans when the escargots burn into them.

Other than that, it's mostly classy here (sort of - actually, Paris is fantastically over rated, but I'll save that for next summer).

Over and out.

M. Patard

Which reminds me, waiting at the Louvre today I got to see the entire city of Beijing arrive by bus.

Two cities for the price of one ticket. Excellent value!

Tony Tea

Initially I though Paree meant Parramatta, but it turned out snails, not eels.


Happy to see 'Hurlem' getting a run... A minor contribution to the AGB legacy.

Tony Tea

Always happy to etch in stone a good nickname.

M. Patard

Initially I though Paree meant Parramatta

Not far off. When the SMH went all snide about the city of Paree being engaged to remodel Penrith I thought, "What a great idea. Fuck those Darlinghurst homosexualists and the shigellosis horse they rode in on. Penrith deserves to be "world class"."

Now, I know better.

Sydney already has Paree, without the monuments. Just catch the Bankstown line for a "replication" (as the French say) of the metro, and visit Punchbowl for a reminiscence of the Eiffel, Blacktown for just about everywhere.

Btw, takeaway beer is 1 euro in Germany, a pack of Gooolwaze 5. Germany shits all over France. But, hey, that's history!

The Don has risen

anyone who goes to France should louvre straight away

Professor Rosseforp

The Central Coast of New South Wales has Gosford Council, whose aim was to turn the main street into something like a Parisian boulevarde (I suspect the councillors and planners may have never seen one, but thought it sounded good).
The local reaction was, "Why would you pay $10 to sit at a table next to the traffic to get a cup of coffee, when you can go inside and get one for $2.50 WITH 2 free doughnuts?"
I think it was a case of Council misreading its demographic.

Tony Tea

The Boulevard of Token Dreams.

Professor Rosseforp

Or as local window repairers might call it, "The Boulevarde of Broken Screens".
Fashionistas: "The Boulevarde of Blokes in Jeans".
Local Firies: "Boulevarde of Smokin' Streams".
Mental Health Officials: "The Boulevarde of Toking Screams".

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