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Thought this was an Alexander Downer fish restocking memoir?! :)

Tony Tea

That was my, ahem, inspiration.


Funny that they didn't allow comments on that piece.

Tony Tea

Any comments at the article would have gotten, shall we say, feisty.

The Don has risen

tendentious ,tedious,terrific but pedantic point.

Batters are in baseball, batsman are in cricket!


'...gender apartheid...'

God willing journo PC Komissars will begin new careers as lamp post ornaments in 2013.

The Don has risen

actually I never heard sex was a barrier to anything, don't know about abstinence though

M. Patard

"Daniel Flitton is senior correspondent."

Says all you need to know about that paper.

M. Patard

"Daniel Flitton is senior correspondent for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, based in Canberra, covering foreign affairs, immigration and politics. He is a former intelligence analyst for the Australian government and was at one-time a university lecturer specialising in international relations."

Jesus, he was an "intelligence analyst for the Australian government"?!


Daniel Fitts-on a telegraph pole.


'...based in Canberra'

One for the black book M.Patard.


As in:

1: 'What's that Flittering-on the telgraph pole'

2: 'Why that's Daniel, he pissed off The Provisional Government for National Restoration back when the cultural marxists still had power'.

M. Patard

Women's participation in sport is much lower than it should be.

One would have thought an ex-analyst for the ONA could have spent at least a minute googling up the ABS.

http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/[email protected]/Products/037188C614B3F3E4CA257AD9000E2627?opendocument

65% of Australians aged 15 years and over participated in physical activities for recreation, exercise or sport. Table 3.1 shows that overall, men had a higher participation rate for sport and physical recreation compared with women (66% and 64% respectively)...


In organised sport, the participation rate was similar for men (28%) and women (27%). A higher proportion of men (54%) participated in some non-organised activity compared with women (51%).

One wonders what participation rates Flitton deems appropriate. 100%? Force women at gunpoint to play more sport?

From wikipedia:

In 1998, 203rd ranked male player Karsten Braasch took on Venus Williams and beat her 6–2. He also played Serena Williams and won 6–1 after the Williams sisters, who were 17 and 16 at the time, said they could beat any man ranked 200 or worse. Braasch was 15 years older than Serena and Venus, and had drunk 2 beers and played one round of golf that morning.[20] Braasch said afterwards, "500 and above, no chance" as he claimed he had played like someone ranked 600 in order to keep the game "fun."[21]

If women were allowed to compete with men in men's tennis, their participation rates would be exactly what they are now: zero. That's why there is a women's circuit; so that women can play professional tennis.

What a deluded world these Fairfax clowns must live in, yet they actually have a dangerously large say in Australian policy formation. Bring on the American fiscal cliff I say, this country needs a revolution badly.

PS. An article here on male and female participation rates in Wikipedia itself, being "barely 13 percent women".

I'd also like to point out that other voluntary activities like, say, criminal gangs, are dominated by men. What a national disgrace. Maybe Flitton could flit on down to Punchbowl and have a word with the Nomads about their horrendous gender inequity.


Workplace deaths are also dominated by men. I say more women should be dying on the job.

M. Patard

Good point Cam. And look at the death toll for Chinese men in mines. China surely needs to get into the 21st century and have at least a gender parity of 50% women in mining deaths.

Why are women under represented in Texas Hold'em tournament top players? And pub darts? From my own observations, wymins account for approx 60% of all pokie players. Yay Australia! Yay us! Wymins can do anything!!!


Starting with the journalism profession I say. Like the Mayans we should sacrifice female journou to the 'gender aparthied' gods.

Campo would be the high priest, driving a stake into the heart of the, no-doubt willing participant, as she takes one for the team and is martyred in the name of 'Gender Equality(!)'.

M. Patard

One thing that Gillard and Swan have proven is that women are equally capable in being able to royally fuck up an economy.


No wonder the WMD intellegince in Iraq was fucked up with inumerate's like Felton manning the shop.

The cynical may very well assume that the public service is staffed by pc-fuckwits who toe the party line and if they were made to find real work would drown to death in the corporate world. If there was any justice in this god-forsaken shithole would be put up against a fucking wall. So the cynical may assume.


Flitton not Felton.


I'm not saying Flitton should be put up against a fucking wall with the firing squads money shot displayed on every channel on Australian TV M. Patard. But the cynical my think that.

M. Patard

Further quality work from Fairfax: http://www.smh.com.au/national/ladies-nights-banned-australian-states-accused-of-nannyism-20130101-2c3kt.html

"Jonathan Pearlman in Sydney" copies and pastes a report by "The Telegraph, London" on further developments in Australian anarcho-tyranny.


Nor am I saying rope would to be good for him and piano wire might be a better alternative.


Not saying that Mr. Pearlberg may have a dog in the fight or anything.


Maybe Mr. Pearlstein is 'Canadian' M.Patard. I've noticed the 'Canadians' are very touchy about such topics. Pearlstein sounds 'Canadian' too.


Mr. Pearl 'man' sorry.

Tony Tea

I'm not keen on the old "let's get someone from another department to write a sports article" trick. The best that can be said about the idea is that it demonstrates that sports journalists are best at writing sport.


Feisty seems about right. If we let women play in the men's team on the basis that they are good enough (just hypothetically speaking), could men play in women's teams if *they* were good enough? Trouble brewing there.

Tony Tea

Hypothetically asking. I wonder how many women's sports *they*, I mean, *us* are not good enough to play?


Or don't want to. Synchronised swimming?


Rhythmic gymnastics is open only to women.


Funny how uncommmon sense goes out the window when the PC crowd get involved.

A good example is giving the ok to women serving in front-line combat roles in the army, of course, I don't need to draw a picture to illustrate what will happen to a woman should she ever be captured by the Taliban or -insert your flavour of muslim crazies here- .

The Don has risen


raping women isn't a Muslim only prerogative. We need only go to the Bosnian war for that.

As long as man has been n earth raping women has been part of war tactics

Tony Tea

Ask a German woman what the Russians were like in 1945.

Tony Tea

Wellington made rape a death penalty offence in about 1800 in India, after he was appalled by British troops raping (and pillaging) Seringapatam after a siege in 1799. Up to that point it was an unwritten rule that troops were allowed to run amok after a siege in which the besieged city did not surrender. His troops were shitty at being deprived of what the considered their well-earned fringe benefits. That thinking went all the way back to pre-Roman times and had been, in the current vernacular, traditional values.

M. Patard

Ask a German woman what the Russians were like in 1945.

True. The Americans, and British to a lesser extent, as well. The Russians were urged to do it as part of Soviet propaganda inspired by the writings of Ilya Ehrenberg (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilya_Ehrenburg):

A good book on the holocaust of the German people at the hands of the Allies is "Hellstorm" by Thomas Goodrich (http://www.amazon.com/Hellstorm-Death-Nazi-Germany-1944-1947/dp/097138522X)

Big Ramifications

Batter is also a good word because it is slang for a masturbator, one versed in the art of batting off .
I had to do a Google image search for this Daniel Flitton intellectual. Will ya just have a gander at our ruddy-cheeked sports lover!

Three adjectives jumped out at me straight away, but they're not very nice so I won't repeat them. *glug glug glug*

The Don has risen

and people say what an uneducated you lot are!

budding intellectuals. now if you learn to drink latte's and sip chardonnay you wil be the reel thing!

Big Ramifications

"Funny how uncommmon sense goes out the window when the PC crowd get involved.
A good example is giving the ok to women serving in front-line combat roles in the army"

In March 2010, former U.S. general and high ranking NATO official John Sheehan was quoted as saying:

"They [The Dutch] declared a peace dividend and made a conscious effort to socialise their military – that includes the unionisation of their militaries, it includes open homosexuality. That led to a force that was ill-equipped to go to war.".
"Oh fiddlesticks! The Serbs are coming what do we do what do we do what do we deew?"

Sheehan's remarks were OFFICIALLY condemned by the Dutch authorities. His remarks were dismissed as being "disgraceful"....

The Don has risen

Open homosexuality?

then what is closed homosexuality?

Tony "Herbal" Tea

I'm an open homo sapien.


I'm aware of the past history of rape in wars, I'm talking in the modern context of war where armies of countries are expected to follow a code of ethics - anyone remember the hysteria and furore surrounding the Guantanamo Bay inmates when they were embarrassed by the US Military?
Naturally, Muslin fundies don't follow any code at all, and putting women on the frontlines is simply putting them more at risk of being captured and subjected to such things than they would otherwise be - but because it's in the name of Political Correctness it's all good!

Tony Tea

"Muslin fundies" are taking over the Clothing and Textile Union.

Tony Tea

You will be interested to know, even if you are not interested, you will still be interested - every sports reporter on tonight's ABC1 News was a woman type person of the contradictory gender.

Tony Tea

And the weather girl is a bloke.

Big Ramifications

"Open homosexuality?

then what is closed homosexuality?"
Jeez it's not that hard, Don:

"straight actor," "in the closet," etc etc – that's your closed homosexuality

open homosexuality is when the army sends you some place special.


As the German women-volk of '44-45 said 'better a Russki on your belly then a Yank over your head'.

In reference to the sainted allies bombing campaign.

Big Ramifications

Caster Semenya

Oscar Pistorius

3 or 4 female placekickers in US college football.

It's an absolute frikken joke how Left Wing Shouty types have seen fit to insert themselves into matters sport. "Let the bird with a set of nads run with the women because peoples' feelings are being hurt."

Regarding Caster and Oscar, any sort of internet debate I tried to enter into quickly involved 3 or 4 people ranting and calling me names for my disgraceful opinions.

I can't stand the stupidity. I stay out of it now, and just hope Left Wing issues don't eventually affect a sport I enjoy.

I saw it happen in front of my very eyes at my favourite link filter forum, and it's a good bet it mirrors what has happened with the IAAF and the recent track&field silliness.

** I'm a 13 year lurker at this forum.

** The noisiest users and moderation policy is very much of the Far Left variety.

A front page post on a tranny getting beaten up at the pub or Mexican immigration would get hundreds of comments, mostly by people reciting the dogma and patting themselves on the back.

Front page posts on SPORT would always be very quiet affairs, maybe averaging 20 comments before they petered out. They would also nearly always be very POLITE affairs involving genuine sports lovers.

Then some time in the mid naughties – around the time the years-long humdinger of a schism-causing "NO WAR FOR OIL!" shouty craze was dying down – I noticed the hairy-legged and Bob Brown type forum members posting in SPORT threads.

And as far as I could tell, their level of input was no more than "ooh look, a debate, let's go and take a shit in this thread and people will pay attention to me." Can you imagine having a grown-up sports debate with a person who, for example, frames all their arguments around wether the LGBT community is getting its feelings hurt?

And even if the sports chat DIDN'T get political, the Shouty types were still giving their 5c worth. They'd invariably say something stupid coz they don't know anything about sport and most of them probably hate sport as well. Then they would get corrected.

Then they would get butt hurt.

Of course, they would refuse to concede, and begin a progressively more ludicrous defence of their original stupid comment. And then the comments section would become a big shouty mess.

Left Wing Shouties are now a permanint nuisance in all SPORT threads. They're just bullies and attention wh0res, and their kindred ARE BECOMING INVOLVED IN SPORTS ADMINISTRATION IN THE REAL WORLD. Be afraid.


Cultural-Marxist turds like the above mentioned journalist should have been met with a firing squad whence the Frankfurt School first crawled out of it's acadenic cave and forced itself on greater Western Civillisation in general. Military and Sports are but the lastest/last pillar's they wish to conquer.

They will be, again, met with much whining.

Small Cameronifications

Hear, hear, old boy!!!

Big Ramifications

I've read plenty of recent news reports that intra-platoon rape is off the dial in the US military. Getting raped by one of your own in the barracks, or where ever the opportunity presents.

** Male troops being hindered by less physically able females.
** Male troops wanting to be all "white knight," taking bigger risks to protect a female front-line buddy.
** Getting a bit toey and wanting to throw the leg over.
** Love triangles and jealousies and generally taking your eye off the ball. Taking your eye off the ball in the military is measured in lives, doncha know?
** And I assume it's an open secret that a fair whack of the girls are husband hunting or cock fiends. So extra headaches if the girls are more than up for a bit of hanky panky as well.

Blind fucking Freddy could see this coming a mile off. At the present moment in the USA, can you imagine the ridiculous cost and time investment and MONUMENTAL HEADACHES thanks to HR / sensitivity training, ongoing HR / sensitivity issues, getting PR goons to be explainin' intra-unit rapes and telling huge lies while attempting to protect the US Army brand, big law suits, little law suits, disciplinary hearings, report writing, one-on-one counselling, sensitivity issues re training.

[A number of military acquaintances have mentioned the cock fiends – get 'em a bit drunk and they'll be rearing to go for a gang bang on the mess hall pool table. Not a pleasant thought for the PC police and social engineers, I'll bet! But the theory didn't seem too outlandish to me. They weren't saying HALF THE ENLISTED WOMEN ARE SEX MANIACS, just saying there are enough of them to be a point of note.]

Having women work with men, right, is like having a grizzly bear ..

Dipped in honey.

Like, so-- now, you dip the salmon in the honey, right?

Grizzly bears-- and the salmon get to walk through, comfortable, with honey and fish, and, "good morning, " [grunts] And the grizzly bears is like, " it ain't even-- he can't even growl.

Like, "raawwwrr, " [growls] "Oh, my god, Human Resources!"

The grizzly bear just did " so-- so-- like, I can't even go, "hey, good morning.

"Good morning, fish.

Good morning.

" I can't touch you.

Like, "ohhh, look at that.

"Ooh, I'ma just get a little bit of that fish "for a little bit.

"Lemme get that honey.

"Oh, my god, mmm.

"Fish and honey, man.

"That's my favorite.


I thought this was a cricket blog.

Small Cameronifications

Tony T ruined Symonds career.

I thought this was a cricket blog.

Food for your politic blog, m0nty!

Tony Tea


Tony Tea

I loved this post match interview last night after Anna Ivanovic beat Ashley Barty in the Hopman Crap:

"Ashley Barty's balls are really heavy."

Barty should play with the men, right Daniel Flitton?

The Don has risen

why are fireman's balls bigger than policeman's balls?

They sell more tickets!

Marxist turds?

Harpo, Zeppo, Groucho? how dare you!!


Geez TT, what a collection of dickheads! Just as well you guys all have this outlet to keep you off the streets.

Roy Batty

From Big Rammer's comment:

"Caster Semenya

Oscar Pistorius

3 or 4 female placekickers in US college football."

All those moments will be lost in time, like *coughs* tears in rain.

Time. To die.

Roy Batty

That was irrational of him. Not to mention unsportsmanlike.

Archbishop Desmond Terre'Blanche


Jack van Tong-in-Cheek


Big Ramifications

That was superb! Enjoyed the laugh, but also the 2-3 seconds of Monday morning mental gymnastics where I went from "what was wrong with my post?" to *penny drops*.

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