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I would support the ODI Backdrop if there were a cadre of blokes dressed up like Ashley Mallett in that photo.


Good article. I like Lyon, and he is doing okay. He isn't substantially worse than Swann, and probably better than Vettori (at least the one of recent vintage). Unfortunately he has to bowl in Australia. The other problem he has - and Rowdy has talked about this in relation to his own career in the past too - is that he can't bat. Vettori was a better batsman than bowler the last few years; Swann can be quite handy. If your spinner is averaging over 30, chances are he isn't taking many wickets, so the value-adds are much more important, relatively speaking: a low economy rate, and some batting. Lyon goes alright with the first, but it isn't clear he'd be a better choice than Maxwell as first-spinner, given the second.

Tony Tea

Chuck Berry certainly fixed up Jon Holland with his ruthless "most talented young spinner in the country" mozz.


My inner cynic wonders if the article isn't an advert for Mallett Coaching?

Allan McGilvray's Great Nephew

Oops, TT, stuck my comment about Mallett on the other thread.

Allan McGilvray's Great Nephew

[Not any more - here she blows!]

TT, good pick-up, Ashley Mallett in cricinfo is really worth reading. So much of the other Aus journos seem to be rehashing tabloid nonsense or it's their turn to do the bi-weekly interview with Shane Watson.

Lawson's 'talking down' borders on contemptuous which makes for unpleasant reading.

I quite like Smuth and Coney as a team. When they've been on the BBC, they are usually quite funny.

Terry Alderman whines like a four-year-old, I don't think it's his fault, it's more his voice. I've actually found myself enjoying Kim Hughes on the ABC on a talkback show he does on a Sat arvo. Does that make me hopelessly parocchial?

I wish I'd heard Andrew McDonald, he sounds like a lovely bloke when I've heard him interviewed and he does have a great voice for radio.

I like the ABC when I can get them.

Moody is alright, Russ, but he is prone to the state bias especially when it comes to the Marsh boys. I don't blame him, I'm that way myself about Mitch but it brings down what can otherwise be some good insight.

The Don has risen

Actually one of the great calls was Greg Mathews talking about the OLS harbanator.

He was thinking aloud on air and realised one of his best balls was a chuck.

The Don has risen

Not enough time yesterday.

This article is so good I have sent it to all our club representatives in the junior cricket association I an with plus to all coaches in my club plus to any spinner I know.

wonderfully written, enjoyable to read and very very educational.

Mallet is obviously a Heineken drinker

Tony Tea

Mallett have grown up on Swan Draft, Emu Export Lager and Coopers in SA. It is unlikely he would have stooped to snorting down anything as vile as Heiny.

Tony Tea

Kim Hughes is regularly interviewed on Melbourne radio. His slots are terrific. Wish I could find a pod.

The Don has risen

no sane person would go near Swan lager, Emu and Coopers export are passable though.

He definitely wrote that after drinking Heineken!!


Worth the price of admission for the photo.


I think Lyon should just stick to bowling and not also being in charge of the team song. I thought Siddle would have taken over Hussey's job, as after Clarke he is the next most experinced test player in the current squad with possibly more longterm tenure than Lyon!

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