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Tony Tea

Hats off to News, whose minions have been all over Moist, Max and Muppet... I mean Smiffy.


Still find it funny the Moises gets a game.

But them again he does already have a sports field named after him in southern Sydney...
Its the new thing... Baggy Blue hat coming with baggy green in a paper bag, and the naming of a sports ground.


I give upon cricket...


Hmmmm..... seems a bit heavy on the bits-and-pieces not quite genuine all rounders - Smith, Maxwell, Henriques.

And really, what the hell is Watson doing there? If he's not bowling, has he really earned a spot for his batting alone?

Tony Tea

I've been smashing on about it for several years now, but it's simple: we have no depth. The reason these bits and piecers are getting a go is because few are good enough to keep them out.


What's that then...

NSW: Clarke, Watson, Henriques, Hughes, Khawaja (at Qld), Smith, Starc, Warner
Vic: Maxwell, Pattinson, Siddle
Tas: Bird, Cowan, Doherty, Wade (at Vic)
Qld: Johnson (at WA)
SA: Lyon

Queensland won the Shield last year and made the final three times in the last four and 10 of the last 13, and are second with a game in hand this season. Bit rough to have so little representation in the baggy green.

Tony Tea

Hughes (at SA)

May I make a shocking confession? I like Smith.

Moist was a monty after the rave reviews for his bowling in the Hobart F50 against the Shrees.

Pedro Cerrano needs to learn to deal with variety bowling. Clearing the leg and hitting through the line if fine against scrubby one-dimensional bowling, but slop against Test bowlers. He needs to better read the ball out of the bowler's hand.


IPCOS is a Qlder.

Fairly predictable list. Selectors seem hell-bent on having an all-rounder in there, with the fringe allrounders (Maxwell, Henriques, Smith) beating out fringe specialists like Cutting, Hastings, O'Keefe, Doolan, Ferguson, Bailey, Quiney. Klutz perhaps a bit unlucky that they're only taking 1 keeper.

Tony Tea

That's right, from Ipswich. He's hard to keep track of.

Killer fact! Ipswich is named after IPCoS.


An all-rounder in India isn't a bad thing (or Australia for that matter). Batting is generally a bit easier, and the heat saps the quicks. An all-rounder who isn't worth bowling isn't an all-rounder though, and I have my doubts about Maxwell and Smith. Would take S'OK and Boiled over either (probably both, actually), but I guess the latter is injured, and the former doesn't score enough runs to bat 7. He might have been the best spinning option, full stop, mind you. Lyon's batting is his biggest weakness.

Very hard to determine what the final XI will be.

The Don has risen

I would have had in O'Keefe and not Moises. Afterall we need no old Testament prophets after the cross!

Whether skull can perform in India is another matter Guffaw guffaw. sorry couldn't halp it!


Few careers to be defined by this tour... surprised you didn't go with 'INDIAN AUTUMATUM' Tones.

Tony Tea

Did not want to confuse the bots with with something close to "automaton".


I can't see who they can pick who would improve that squad. Apart from SOK, but he obviously has done something vicious to someone important.

Just about anyone else of the other possible 15/16/17 squadees would have looked equally as stupid as Doherty or Mozz. Maybe Nic Maddinson and Shaun Marsh would have looked more stupid in that list than just about any other PONI.

I had to laugh at Moises having a good 5 matches or so and getting a spot in test cricket straight away. It seems like every selector since he was 17 has been panting for him to show some form, any at all no matter how briefly, just so that could pick him.

We should be grateful that the younger of the Drunk bros is still out with a dodgy hammy or they might have chosen 18 in the squad.

The Don has risen

how could any sane person pick Doherty ahead of o'Keefe!

Hangover Black

Maxwell told by Clarke to go out and have a tonk- no problems. Coming in a few days later at 5/90- different story. Not surprisingly he's found wanting. No way in hell is he ready to bat at 7 (or 6) in a Test. Not unless he comes in at 5/350.

Tony Tea

Did we expect any different?

Tony Tea

Dean Jones only yesterday:

[Maxwell] does have a good eye and is a nice player to have in your team when you are winning, but not when things are going tough and the team is losing.
Hangover Black

Nope. Thanks for the Deano article. Having $1M placed on his head would not suggest he'll think it necessary to change his approach anytime soon.

The Don has risen

If Clarke is meeting up with Indians then is he Custer?


That's General 'Showpony' Custer to you.


where is Ben Hilfanhouse?? Glenn Maxwell, o he is doing really well now a days


in sub-continent conditions squad seems to be perfect. .

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