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Tony Tea

Speaking of oaf demographic:

James Murch

Why can't John Inverarity front the media & justify some of their decisions? AFL coaches have too. Actually... maybe he can't justify them!

There are also two retweets from journalists. Touch wood they are not tacit approvals.


JOHN INVERARITY, PRIME SELECTOR: We will decide who comes to this team and the time at which they come.

Tony Tea

Apropos to nothing, Shaun Graf said Fawad Ahmed was a smokey for The Ashes.


More chance of Healy's daughter.


Khawaja hits our quota button hard.


I wish Lee had been rested at the WACA v SA, 2008 too. Maybe if he'd been rotated out of that match in which he was bloody gash, he might not have been so bloody gash at the MCG.

The Don has risen

Aussie rules or plagiarised Gaelic football isn't football.

football is the world game ,the beautiful game as most Heineken drinkers appreciate.

My old team-mate Dave Gilbert is looking for a new job


"plagiarised Gaelic football" Don? You might want to look up the dates of codification and developmental timelines of various football codes. Just saying.

On topic, there is no clear boundary between rotation for workload management and rotation for injury. Every bowler has niggles. Whether they are a threat to getting through the next game, or their ability to perform in that game, or to their long-term health is never clear-cut. Australia has always rotated their quicks anyway; they have just been forced, rather than pre-empted. Don't get me started on the 1997 Ashes again.

Sort of half-on-topic, I'm getting a bit bored reading about rotation. Not because it isn't an important issue, but because not a single journalist, player, whatever has gone out and actually read the work of or spoken to the sports scientists they are bad mouthing. A blind man telling the near-sighted they can't see. Not much of a debate.

Tony Tea

Australian football became organised in Melbourne in May 1859, when the first laws of the game were published by the Melbourne Football Club.

The rules of association football were codified in England by the Football Association in 1863.

In your face, Soccer.

The only reason Soccer Football is more popular than Proper Football is that it is easier to play. Make goals out of a pile of clothes, teach yourself to dive, wrap the severed head of the chief of the next village (or rival drug cartel) in rags, get kicking.

The Don has risen

Typical fevered rantings of a VB drinker!

Tony Tea

VB drinker? I don't resemble that remark.


Not VB Don, kool-aid. Inverarity flavoured.

The Mongrel

If you are drinking Inverarity, allow me to suggest these.

Tony Tea
Is cricket's 'nutty professor' becoming too smart for his own good?

Australia's selectors are on the nose with fans but not players.

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