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Big Ramifications

The same stands they replaced "The Hill" with, I wonder? That would be the ultimate ironing.

What was the official reasoning to get rid of the hill? IIRC it was to get more bum$ on seats, coz The Hill types were spread out a bit too much, and also to get rid of the UNDESIRABLE element.

Now with no one turning up to games.... let the people spread out a bit more, chuck in a beach. Great idea.

A good analogy would be ski resorts in the USA. Almost to a man, they BANNED the undesirable element of ski boards.

A few years go by and then they realise:
a] Alpine type skiers are getting older, becoming thin on the ground.
b] Ski boarders are the UNDESIRABLE type of customer that are gonna drop $200 at the bar every night.

So the story goes all the resorts had to come CRAWLING back to win over the people they sought to get rid of. Sound familiar?

Tony Tea

$$$$$$ talks. The SCG were not talking a cut from the beer wenches (wenches bad), but now they are talking a cut from Coke (wenches good).

Big Ramifications

A few days ago at Point Walter – mentioned in some recent AGB comments – I saw a beer wench at a BBQ gathering in amongst all the other family BBQ gatherings.

How hard is it to grab a beer from the esky?

Lazy genius bastards, I thought.

Then after an hour it dawned on me that she was just a normal girl hanging out with her buddies and this was probably her normal BBQ attire.

Chicks nowadays, eh fellas? Crikey!

Hangover Black

Someone's got her well trained!

Hangover Black

Don't think you'd see the "noooo,,, you hang up" chick fetching beers. High maintenance. That bloke on the Vodafone ad can keep her.

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