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As Hollywood said to the Bowlologist on mic the next over: "Just trying to make something happen."

It was a carnival sideshow from start to finish.

David Barry

I didn't see what White did, but I assume it was the sort of disagreement about an umpire's decision that you occasionally see. Warne on the other hand launched into a tirade at the umpire after a McKay bouncer was called a wide. During his international career, I always thought Warne deserved a punishment for dissent, but last night was far more blatant and angry than anything I'd seen before, and definitely worthy of being punished at a higher level than regular dissent.

I don't know exactly what the code of conduct is for the Big Bash. The ICC one doesn't have the word "unbecoming" in it; perhaps there's a rule for throwing a ball at someone but no rule for throwing a bat.

From the article: "The Melbourne Stars are currently considering an appeal [against Warne's one-match suspension]."

Ha! That would be a very optimistic appeal.


m0nty, I don't think downplaying the incident after the fact is particularly good evidence that they didn't mean it at the time. Samuels rubs opposition players up the wrong way, and there was plenty of angst on display.

Obviously I'm part of the rabble in the outer that so got up the noses of Lord Harris and Jardine, but I quite enjoyed last night's match. Big crowd, plenty of angst, good batting, some shit-house fielding and the right result (sort-of, a Stars win might have locked in 3 Melbourne finals, but alas).

Tony Tea

I hate the way they do that. I link to one article, then they update that article with what is basically a new article.

Tony Tea

I hope they appeal and Mike Proctor is the judge. Then it would get overturned and we can all go sit in a bus. Farce.

$4500 is a cheap hand of poker for Warne, and a one match suspension is less than he imposed on himself to go back to England for Christmas with Liz.


I only saw the last part of last night's second innings, and it was a yawn.


Warne v Samuels Scamerabilia available?

Wouldn't think Nein would miss that opportunity!

Tony Tea

A limited edition authentic replica of Marlon Samuel's bat: WOOD CHUCK! $500 Unframed.


The last part of a not terribly close game usually is, regardless of sport or format.

The Don has risen

I thought Tawny might come back by seance and sell something


The farce of sportsmen considering their options for appeal just after they get whacked and then deciding to accept the sanction as if they had any damn say in the matter makes me roll my eyes.

Tony Tea

Warnie was "standing up for" his teammate.

Tony Tea

I just realised Warnie did not get found guilty for chucking the ball at Hurlem. Admittedly he only lobbed a softie and I have not seen the footage more than twice, but surely he lobbed the ball at Hurley.

M. Patard

Warne did throw the ball at Samuels, there's no doubting that.

Tony Tea

I don't know what was tendered for the defence, but I reckon it's London to a brick Warne bullshitted that he was just throwing the ball back to the keeper and accidentally clocked Hurlem. Be interesting to see who Hurlem says he was throwing his bat to.

M. Patard

Warne was out of control. Here's the video of the confrontations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5KkL-LUwH0

Warne has deliberately thrown the ball at, and hit, Samuels.

Samuels has not thrown the bat at, nor did he hit, Warne.

The earlier shirt tug from Samuels on Hussey was no where near as aggressive as Warne on Samuels. Samuels should be punished for what he did to Hussey, but Warne's actions seemed premeditated, deliberately designed to provoke a confrontation.

M. Patard

I take the bat throw from Samuels as throwing the bat away in disgust. If he wanted to hit Warne he should have thrown it side arm to his left at Warne. As it is, he threw it underarm, down the pitch, in the air, at no one, and hit no one.

If you want to hit someone with a bat this is how you do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8edVt6trTg

M. Patard

This is throwing the bat away in disgust: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oiYV73lYhg

Tony Tea

"Warne's actions seemed premeditated, deliberately designed to provoke a confrontation."

There was most definitely a touch of the McEnroes about his shenanigans.

Tony Tea

More bat throwing.

No doubt about DK - deprive him of a retail dollar and he really cracks the shits.

M. Patard

Lillee's always had a touch of the tosser about him.

Tony Tea

Correct appellation: Dennis Keith Carpet Call Steel Blue Williams Pale Ale Lillee.

Hangover Black

Centrum and Solar Gain too. Just be thankful for no Advanced Hair.

Tony Tea

Lack of fake hair - respect.

Tony Tea

Slogger Slatts looks well placed to overhaul DK in the spruiker stakes.

Hangover Black

Jeez, I hope that sports jacket/board shorts combo will be a one-off. Ridiculous doesn't begin to describe it.

Big Ramifications

Mr Hangover, You ever seen the business jacket / matching skirt combo that a few Polynesian Prime Ministers have worn at CHOGM type gab fests? Keepin' it real, yo.

I smelt a giant WWF rat when I heard about this BBL fight yesterday. Staged. Can't even be bothered clicking the links kindly provided by Patard, don't even care if I'm wrong. I saw a few pics of the shiny ceramic-faced idiot in the newspaper this morning, yelling at the [whatever adjective I use will be considered racist – so insert your own here] West Indian.

Even if it is legit, it's a nothing cricket match. Like watching a blue at a C grade mixed touch rugby game.

[ RANDY is hashing out the "fight" with his opponent, a wiry Puerto Rican kid whose shiny vinyl pants identify him as KID LOCO ]

RANDY: Right there, you post me. Hard. I show color. [ KID LOCO nods, listening closely, deferential to the legend ].

RANDY (CONT'D) You post me again. Again [ KID LOCO nods ]. You're fuckin' whalin' on my ass....

Hangover Black

The only thing that springs to mind from the CHOGM stuff are the horrible shirts.

I think Warne is just past the point of being able to influence matches with his cricket ability and instead tried using bluff and bluster. His frustration at knowing that's all he has left probably led to the over-reaction.

Would've loved to have seen a camera on Warne when Samuels had his eye socket broken. Reckon he would've been grinning.

M. Patard

I must admit the thought of it being staged did cross my mind, but the only staging I reckon was by Warney deliberately winding things up.

He's an Alpha Dawg in the stylings the manosphere Yanks blogs revere. I hereby posit, a) he genuinely was pissed off about the Hussey thing, b) at all times wants to impose himself on a match and c) has a bent for the theatrical.

Adjudication: real, though somewhat amplified by a natural instigator.

M. Patard

Would've loved to have seen a camera on Warne when Samuels had his eye socket broken.

I noted that no one went running to his assistance.

Tony Tea

I used to have a skipper, who when the opposition skipped copped a bouncer on the bugle, sneered "get off the ground, suck."


Turned Aunty on at 5 mins to 10, heard 20/20, turned off. I'll catch the 11 o'clock news then thanks.

For all its intent to be about EXCITEMENT!!! and THRILLS!!! I just can't fucking stand the BBL. 20/20 between international sides as a tour opener or whatever are ok but this dumbed down cash grab of something that's meant to resemble cricket just rubs me the wrong way.

The Don has risen

I concur

Big Ramifications

"yelling at the [whatever adjective I use will be considered racist – so insert your own here] West Indian."
Jesus. What a complete tosser I am, eh? I request a right of reply to myself to try and salvage my reputation.

I called Warnie a fair few colourful names in my post, just for lulz. Love the guy. Love how he's getting a bit of a Gary Ablett Sr / Claus von Bülow aura about him these last couple of years.

I had a few witty shouty words figured out for Samuels, naturally. But coz he's black.... I started to fret that the words kinda didn't sit right. I felt a disturbance in the force.

Someone might nitpick the jibes.... and the thread might get all political and non-crickety.... so I went the self censorship route.

I was kind of BUTT HURT about having to do that, and I was sort of having an out-loud argument with my brane when I wrote that bit.

Tony Tea

Tosser? You mean dickhead.

M. Patard

Who was that masked man?

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