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LOLled, Shane.


Well done m0nty... or even 'Trolled, Shane'.

Tony Tea

Indeed. The media has been clean LOLled.

The Don has Risen

He has been in the Hurly Burley recently

The Don has Risen

we intellectuals read the economist.

you plebs should as well. good article.

Big Ramifications

Ever wondered what a Hail Mary looks like in high-stakes tournament poker? An absolute bum-hangin'-out-the-window of a Hail Mary. Magnificent work.

There's only one thing more entertaining than watching arsey pricks win big in sports [eg. Steven Bradbury, the Giants, Cheick Kongo-(FWD to 0:50)]

And that's watching arsey wog pricks win big in sports [eg. Voula-(FWD to 0:50), Goran, the 1992 Greek National Soccer Team].

Tony Tea

What did Greece do in 1992? Denmark won the European championships after Yugoslavia fell apart due to civil and were kicked out. That was pretty arsey. Yæy war!

Greece won in 2004.

Big Ramifications

Could you be so kind as to edit both of dem comments that say "1992"? How embarrassment.

One of my best mates in 1992 was Danish. And I was getting the euphoria of 1992 [I jumped on the bandwagon with him at the start of the tourney] mixed up with the euphoria of 2004 [the whole of Australia jumped on the Greece bandwagon.... especially the Today show with Karl Stefanovic and the gang, naturally].

Tony Tea

Suuuuuure: Captain Clarke wants Warnie for Aussie side.

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