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The Don has Risen

Most of them should go, even Chappelli is showing his age.
the current xers are just plain boring.

I know bring back Roers in a seance!!


Tawny gone.
Bill going.

If Sumptuous can bugger off back to dear old mother England we may have reduced the irritation level of Neins commentary team by 75%.

Now to the rest.
Chappelli needs to hang up the boots.
Heals is a wanker.
Slats, ok but makes himself look like a dick while trying to sound clever.
Tubbs, I'm prepared to forgive his boganisms as long as he keeps the commentary to on-field action.

What we need is a Richie circa 15-20 years ago (of the Benaud variety, not Greg), a Dennis Cometti (not sure how much he knows about cricket), and I'll go out on a limb here and suggest Tony Delroy - who unfortunately knows absolutely bugger all about cricket. Great voice though.

Nightmare scenario: James Brayshaw gets promoted from 20/20s to Tests.


Do we even know if Nine is going to be covering the Tests after this summer yet? It could all end up being academic in the end.

Tony Tea

I wrote in one of the other posts that I would be staggered if Nine lost the rights.


Fox Sports getting the rights would be the best outcome. They could sell them back to a FTA network but use their mob, who are not great but far better than the current shower.

Or just hire me.

The Don has Risen

It won't happen.

not enough people have cable and fox wouldn't be able to on-sell it as no-one would watch it a little later as in football.

Tony Tea

Siphon the Python will choke off that avenue.

The Don has Risen

I haven't drunk enough Chardonnay to understand that!

Tony Tea

Siphon the Python.


I like Lawry. Or at least I do these days when he comes on after the Heals and Slats Hysterical Moron Show.

They make him seem like the voice of reason.

Years ago, he used to drive me nuts with his Victorian mania but.

The bloke who comes on after Tony Delroy - he's called Chappell so that's a good start - loves cricket and would do a better job than any of the current lot.

Russell Woolf from ABC Perth Drivetime would do a wonderful job as he loves the sport and he can be very funny.

Tony Tea

The bloke what comes on after Tones Delroy is, in fact, Trevor Chappell. True dinks. He's a West Aussie. (Rod Quinn is currently filling in for Tones and is being rude to all Tones' regulars, which is fun.)

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