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Big Ramifications

That Sutherland fella sounds like a total prick. A "functioning psychopath" if I may be so bold.

I don't expect to read childish provocations from the bloke running cricket in this country. Not good enough, James. "If you want some money then let me know. Then I will tell my lawyers who are ready to roll at any moment. Then I will give you nothing." I paraphrase.

Ritchie's reply was pure win in parts. Taunting Sutherland with the twin possibilities of loss of face and loss of job. Ouch. Nothing hurts a sociopath more than hurting their ego.

Gotta admit that Ritchie also came across as a bit of a bell end. However, one man is in charge of Australia's only true national sport – a game that runs through our collective psyche almost as much as the great wars. The other bloke is a known p1sshead who is known for speaking at p1ssy functions.

James Sutherland should be run out of town for that one sentence in his email alone. It really tells you a lot about the man. A selfish immature slimeball should not be in charge of Australian cricket.

// ???! taking a holiday during the cricket season - again, it shows you his true colours in big neon lettering.


You think he's THAT bad?

Just strikes me as a typical corporate tosser.

Put 'em up against the wall and all that, but "functioning psychopath"?

Big Ramifications

Didn't you get the memo? It's been the buzzword lately.

There seems to have been a rash of studies, books, expert opinion etc that as much as 10% of corporate tossers are psychopaths – in your non-serial killer mould.

Or sociopaths. The words seem to be interchangeable.

The definitions presented to me are: "Only care about themselves, 10 foot up themselves, cannot relate to others' viewpoints, completely lack empathy for others' feelings." Not just: "Evil killer."

Like Tony Tea admitted in a recent comment regarding his wordsmithery, there is a "honking my own horn" element, sure. But in the Venn diagram of Corporate Tosser vs. Sociopath I truly believe there is a large intersection.

Some of these "studies" go on to say that they might be a necessary evil. Some sociopaths get. Stuff. Done. The ends never justifying the means, notwithstanding.

Tony Tea

He might be interesting if he was a functioning psycho. More like a corporate tosser.

Big Ramifications

I drop to one knee before the double pronged rebuttal of Cameron and Tony.


Wasn't this theme explored in American Phsyco, with he twist that Patrick Bateman was an actual serial killer?


Sutheralnd just doesn't seem ruthless enough. You'd think a functioning psycho would give off massive 'SOB factor' vibes.

Tony Tea

I thought Patrick Bateman was a loser nerd with a violent imagination who dreamt up all manner of retribution on his workmates because they were better at work than him. Jealousy. Envy. Monster G.E.


I thought he was the 80's yuppie in excelsis.

Tony Tea

Yeah, he's a yuppy alright, but he's the office chump.


Oh, I've got you now. That didn't come across as much in the film.

Tony Tea

I have not read the book. I got that impression from the film.

The Don has risen

in strict technical terms Ritchie is a right royal prat.

Sutherland is simply a boring CEO.

Ritchie should find another avenue to make money

Big Ramifications

LAFF NUMBER 1: I see the name "Joe Root" in your sidebar Twitter feed.

LAFF NUMBER 2: I Google "Joe Root" and he looks about 12 years old

LAFF NUMBER 3: A 12 year old with a One Direction hairdo, to boot.

Big Ramifications

fuck a black ass!

can you close my itallics after "One Direction"

sorry Tony

Tony Tea

Yes. Yes I can.

Big Ramifications

The subject of a nickname quickly came up, and the committee decided on "Dudley".

On the shortlist were a few slight variations on that name, and on the theme in general – the wizened readers of the blog of AGB de Villiers probably don't need them spelled out.

Tony Tea

Dudley is a lock. Well done, Bigguth.

Dr Marvin Monroe

Big Ramifications is obviously correct on the old "sociopath" thing. He provided a definition. Can't you guys read?

Trouble is, he has chosen a definition at the shock pop-psychology end of the scale. Generalised from books written by attention wh0res who want to move some copy. Nice little earner.

Stupid as they may be, these theories might catch on and words like "sociopath" will become watered down, part of the vernacular. A la moron, imbecile, idiot. You're arguing about semantics.. and Big Rammers wears clown shoes.

Big Ramifications

You forgot dumb. And possibly cretin.

This scene from American Psycho is stand alone. It would be in my top 100. Love the hat tip to Richie Benaud with the whole "the cream, the bone, the off-white, the white, the ivory and the beige" thing.



Did you pick up that Bateman is the office loser Rammers?

I didn't notice when I watched the film...and I'm about as nuanced as they come.

Big Ramifications

Only seen it all the way thru once. The decade-old memory of the vibe I got was that just about all the males in the film were pathetic human beings of about equal moral stature and personality.

But Bateman had this HILARIOUS habit of getting butt-hurt over the most immature empty gibes directed at him. Really enjoyed that running gag in the film.

Even though they probably sensed a weakness [the wingmen were excellent at coming in for the cheap snipes], I thought the movie gave more than a glimpse that his colleagues were ALL childish SOCIOPATHS [heh heh] constantly yap yap yapping inane crap and one-upmanship. They all seemed so shallow and fragile and niggly-at-each-other that they probably all were office loser many times a day.

I got the feeling Bateman was just having a bad run on the sledging tally [him becoming delusional helped it become self-fulfilling] and, no, I didn't see him with the permanent role as the office loser. Your scenario fits as good as mine, but.

M. Patard

Without going into my long winded exegis of what a brilliantly insightful novel that was, it is enough to say, that the opening cited quote was from Talking Heads: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OluCvL0lRnI

"As things fell apart, nobody paid much attention."

My favourite line is:

This was a Pizza Hut
Now it's all covered with daisies

I always thought it was a "coven with daisies", which I prefer.

M. Patard

Excuse me, I meant

M. Patard

The magnificence of that song, was to put the lyrics to World Music.

Big Ramifications

Which professions have the most psychopaths? The fewest?


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