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Everyone wave hello for Malcolm.


Malcolm also presages an excellent new nickname for Starc: Calici.

The Don has risen

He comes from the schol of hard knox right next to fort knox


As a mostly silent lurker of this corner of the internet, please keep up the level of rambling bollocks.

Fits in perfectly for those of us already down the rabbit hole of oddity that is being an cricket fan in exile in the USA.

I get the Channel 9 commentators, but they are interrupted by strange ads in Hindi marketing matrimony, money transfer services, tabla performances and life insurance.

AGB, don't go line and length, it wouldn't suit you.

The Mongrel

Speaking of channel 9 commentators:

Former England captain and Channel 9 commentator Tony Greig has died of cardiac arrest during his treatment for lung cancer.

He was 66.

Greig first became aware he had a problem during Australia's one-day series against Pakistan in Dubai in August and September.

Initially diagnosed with bronchitis in May, the condition lingered and, by the time of the ICC World Twenty20 that finished in Sri Lanka in October, Greig had tests that revealed a small lesion at the base of his right lung.

On his return to Australia he had fluid removed from the right lung and testing revealed he had lung cancer.

Last month, he spoke to the Channel Nine commentary team, of which he is usually a member, during their coverage of the first Test between Australia and South Africa in Brisbane.

Greig was candid about the disease.

'It's not good. The truth is I've got lung cancer. Now it's a case of what they can do,' Greig said.

He had on operation later that month.

The Mongrel

Kerry Packer died on Boxing Day too. A faithful servant to the last.

Tony Tea

Don't worry, Gonzo, there are no plans to get sensible.

Tony Tea

Pity about Tawny. Pain in the quoit, but had gotten less aggravating over time, and was a fine cricketer to boot.


Always thought Crash Craddock was the 'in print' version of the AGB?

My Greigy condolences on appropriate page.


Surely we're more dusty and conservative than an isolated Texan farmhouse? One would hope less incestuous, not to mention funnier. Failing that, we'd have to work out what brand of flesh-eating disease the teenagers would catch, and/or who the resident blood-thirsty psychopath would be.

Perhaps a modern-day Victorian gentlemen's club in the tropics would be more appropriate, where we had all been driven mad by the heat and the mosquitoes. White tie would be worn at all times, Tristan Tzara and Salvador Dali would be regulars, and there would be a strict rules against bent arms and corporal punishment. Conversation would be robust, short-tempered and loud, and semi-regular duels would be fought. We could call it the Wild Dogs Tavern.

We'd have to keep a good stock of soft drinks for Tony, though.


Is Mike Hussey retiring???


What the hell?? Where did that come from?

Now I really think our chances are slim for the Ashes.


They were anyway, Carrot. I'll miss watching Huss running faster than anyone else between the stumps as much as his pull shot and driving.

Still, big gain for the Warriors. They need someone in that team who gives a shit.

The Don has risen

plenty of sense here...nonsense

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