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Hurlem Samuels more appropriate.

Tony Tea

Like it. Lock it.

M. Patard

Renegades coach Simon Helmot:

"I'm not going to make a comment on that claim. ...It's disappointing to have comments made like that."

Not commenting on the claim, by commenting on the claim.

Tony Tea

"Not commenting on the claim, by commenting on the claim." A common sports media trope.

M. Patard

It's similar to the political comment-non-comment: "I won't respond to those claims, but I will say this..."

Tony Tea

It is no surprise the rubbish coming out of the mouths of sporties increasingly apes the rubbish coming out of the mouths of pollies. The common denominator is professional spinners who are often now the same people advising both pollies and sporties. The difference is that pollies are, in the main, born and bred to communicate. Sporties merely sound like they are trying to communicate and end up sounding like try-hard cretins.


Marlon is a beautiful batsman to watch, but his bowling action stinks and if Ajmal can play in the BBL unharried, the administrators can have stuff all ground for investigating Samuels.

Tony Tea

The ICC has completely stuffed the chucking issue, running scared from litigation, racism accusations, and rank side-taking.


Lehmann should have the book thrown at him.

Tony Tea

Why? He's only telling the truth.


Maybe if Boof had things thrown at him he'd get some exercise, and not be so fat.

Tony Tea

True. He's no svelte sensation. But he's right about Hurlem.

The Don has risen

Hate to say it but I haven't seen the suspect action.

it seems you cannot comment on anything lately in any sport.

no wonder sportsman's comments are so boring


'thrown' at him Tony,wink wink...

Big Ramifications
FTA: Renegades coach Simon Helmot said he had no concern with his off-spinner's delivery, but was disappointed to hear of the attack.

"I'm not going to make a comment on that claim. It's up to the umpires to make a decision on the legitimacies of actions. It's disappointing to have comments made like that.

So in this idiot's world "no comment" = "no concern"? I clicked on the link and read the whole article for once, just to make sure it wasn't clarified somewhere else.

And while I've got youse, who else gets annoyed by the absolute RORT of journalists bogging out their story by pumping cherry picked interview quotes of indeterminate importance thru a thesaurus, and mindlessly reprinting a quotes-summary of the same mindless PR spin and mindless sports clichés?

In addition, the quote-then-paraphrase style of article always reads so "year 12 English assignment" to me. Like they weren't written by a grown-up.

....But my boy Mark Hayes takes it to the next level. Printing cherry picked interview quotes of indeterminate importance, and reprinting a quotes-summary DISGUISED as being pumped thru a thesaurus. Mark gives you a CHOICE of what interpretation to take with you to the office water cooler sports chat. Bleeding edge journalism. The man is a genius.

The Don has risen

He chucks it, I have just watched him!

It is disgraceful he hasn't been called.

Leetle Baby Jeesus

He got banned from bowling for a couple of years I think. But his action looks no better than it ever did. But we have Ajmal bending it like Beckham so what can you do?

Professor Rosseforp

"It's up to the umpires to make a decision on the legitimacies of actions" -- I think this shows that Simon Helmot doesn't understand how the throwing issue is decided, so his no comment comment is not worth commenting on.

Tony Tea

Gideon Haigh's comment does a nice line in no accusation accusation:

Meanwhile, woe betide the player or coach who speaks their mind: such as the Scorchers' Simon Katich, who pointed out the obvious absurdity of the conclusion of his team's match with the Stars in Perth a fortnight ago, and the Heat's Darren Lehmann, who at the weekend drew belated attention to the "bowling action" of the Renegades' Marlon Samuels.

You'd be forgiven for inferring that Big Bash League management is so obsessed with Facebook likes and pre-match fatuities that it's forgotten there's actual - y'know, that thing, what's it called, oh yes - cricket taking place.

An effective administration would have removed the ground for Lehmann's complaint before he needed to make it. As it is, his proscription under the code of conduct will be a further caution for any cricketer intending to speak his mind.

Gideon is doing great work in The Australian, by the way, but since the Oz requires a subscription there is little point linking since if you have a sub you will have read him and if you don't have a sub you won't be able to read him.


You can jump the OZ pay wall by copying the 'subscription required' url and then then dumping it in google. Hit the google link and it will bring up the entire article.

M. Patard taught me that one.

Tony Tea

Cyber theft - I like it. Now for some cyber bullying. Who do we pick on?


Gideon is doing nice work with JRod over on crockinfo too. And I'm not just mentioning that because of the mention of my last article attributed to someone on twitter.

The Don has risen

while the haigh shines

Tony Tea

Suspended fines make me laugh; especially when they are for transgressions such as Boof slating Hurlem:

Brisbane Heat coach Darren Lehmann fined $3000 for Big Bash outburst

BRISBANE Heat coach Darren Lehmann has received a suspended $3000 fine for questioning the legality of Marlon Samuels' bowling action.

The former Test batsman also received an official reprimand at a hearing today, convened by Cricket Australia commissioner John Price.

Lehmann was found guilty of making detrimental public comment and breaching CA’s code of behaviour following comments he made about the action of Melbourne Renegades’ West Indian recruit Samuels.

Lehmann’s fine was suspended for two years and he will be free to coach the Heat against the Sydney Thunder at ANZ Stadium tomorrow night.

Herr Kameron

At least one journo/subby has to work the 'book thrown at him' line in T don't they?

Tony Tea

Suspended fines represent a very, very small book.


Hey Cameron, that Aus paywall jump works. Cheers.

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