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Whoops! What's the penalty for ball-tampering these days? Might we be down another bowler in the next Test? Has anyone seen the footage?

Captain Pat

No footage as yet Carrot, just a photo which doesn't prove anything.


M. Patard

Maybe we can have the rule changed that you can pick the seam, so long as it remains within a 3mm loop of the initial stitch base.

Tony Tea

Works for me. Ball tampering should be allowed, anyway. And fitch pixing.

The Don has risen

TWw wrongs does not a right make.

Lyons has been naughty at times as well but not as bad as Siddle.

Let me be frank though.
IF I was umpire at SQUARE LEG Murali would have been called until he couldn't chuck anymore!

Tony Tea

Sri Lanka team manager Charith Senanayake: "I am not accusing."

"It didn't just happen in the 88th over, it also happened at the beginning of the innings when our first opener got out... they were picking the seam."

"I just told the match referee what I saw on the TV, everybody saw it, I raised my concerns with the match referee. If you are asking did I speak to the match referee, yes I did."

"I went straight into his room when the match was over and asked him if he is watching the same game I am watching."

"The guy (Broad) said, 'Yes, we have seen it' and I left it at that."

"There has been no formal complaint, but I did raise a concern, that is the truth."

Asked if Broad had begun a probe of the alleged incidents, Senanayake said: "That's what he said he would do, he mentioned that he had spoken to the Australian team.

"I don't know what he is going to do. We brought it to his attention, that's all."

"I am not accusing, all I am saying is watch the tape and you will see for yourself, then you will know what I am talking about."

"It is black and white."

"The match officials are there, it is up to them to decide what is legal and what is illegal. If there is something illegal on the field, they should take some action that's it."

Asked who in the Sri Lankan camp first detected the alleged tampering, he said: "Everybody, I got so many calls from people all the way back home in Sri Lanka saying what is going on?

"We have the footage, it happened in the 88th over and there are pictures of it."

"I am the manager of the team, I had a chat with the team management, we all saw it and we decided to see the match referee."

An official ICC release said today: "ICC match referee Chris Broad is aware of the media reports coming out of Sri Lanka on the ball issue. The Sri Lanka team has made no official complaint about the ball."

Tony Tea

ICC statement:

Chris Broad of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees has issued the following statement after the media reported incidents of ball tampering during the first cricket Test between Australia and Sri Lanka which concluded in Hobart on Tuesday.

"The umpires frequently inspect the ball during play, and did so again after they had reviewed the video footage in question on Sunday. They found no evidence to suggest that the condition of the ball had been changed.

"During the tea interval on that day, I spoke with Australia coach Mickey Arthur and told him that the umpires will continue to inspect the cricket ball regularly, and monitor the actions of all players.

"I subsequently informed the Sri Lanka team management of my discussions with the Australia coach.

"In the opinion of the umpires, there was no evidence to suggest that the condition of the ball was changed, or that the video or photographic evidence would support a charge under the Code of Conduct, so they will not be laying any charges relating to these incidents."

In your face, Charith Dobbanayake.

The Mongrel

Sri Lanka team manager Charith Senanayake:
"Je n'accuse pas"
"Je n'accuse rien"
"Je n'accuse personne"

Tony Tea

'aime votre travail, Mongy.

The Don has risen

too many french letters here


Love you Tony (no homo, as the Urban saying goes).


You can't call Murali for chucking based on a still picture, yes his arm is bent, but does it straighten? That's the question, and you can't work that out from a still picture.

The Don has risen

yes it did and does

Tony Tea

Context, Martin. Con. Text.

Tony Tea

Malcolm Conn:

Ball tampering saga shows cricket lacks transparency

ARE man of the match Peter Siddle and opening batsman Ed Cowan the victim of a Sri Lankan whispering campaign over ball tampering?

Tony Tea

Gideon Haigh:

Laws lost in doublespeak as bowlers try to conjure up a genie

ALADDIN'S lamp was not polished with greater hope or expectation than the modern cricket ball. There is even a pose for it, the designated ball monitor getting down on one knee to rub the ball with broad and vigorous strokes on the opposite thigh, holding it with the tips of the fingers so that sweat from the palm is not imparted.


'...bent, but does it straighten? That's the question, and you can't work that out...'

So says your sex therapist Martin.

The Don has risen

already answered

M. Patard

Hey, I just noticed my comment was by "Captain Pat". Was that me who did that? I have no recollection of it. Doing my head in now.

Tony Tea

Pat, I moved yours and Carrot's comment here from the First Test post. "I will have my leetle joke."

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