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He'd be a sportsman I guess? Role model?


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Why thanks

Tony Tea

Was a sportsman, of sorts.

Big Ramifications

I randomly watched some [old] footage on da Youtubes yesterday, via the ABC's Media Watch program. Muslim lad charged with taking part in some good ol' rioting and looting of a Bob Jane T Mart shop.... coz a Bob Jane T Mart-sponsored event got cancelled.

Traditional Australian values. Taking to the streets in anger and smashing sh1t up whenever your ass gets bent out of shape. But I digress already.

Outside the court, the lad and his father are walking away being followed by a scumbag channel 9 cameraman. Father says "please get out of our biz" x 100. Scumbag cameraman ignores and eventually calls him a effen "terrorist."

Uh. Oh. He said the magic chimp-out word.

Dad tells his son to go and find a policeman! I watch the footage of his son scurrying off "waaaaaah Mr Policeman somebody called my dad a name!"

Twitter outrage ensues. Cameraman gets sacked. Life turned upside down.

Compare the crimes. Compare the OUTRAGE TO THE CRIMES. Compare the punishments. Think of the impressionable young idiots watching all this, and seeing the power of the magical chimp-out word.

Sticks and Stones vs. Names. People need to harden the fark up.

Tony Tea

No matter what you think of Ritchie and his debatable comedy stylings, at least he has the balls to refuse to apologise.

And for what it's worth, I bet Keppler did indeed use the k-word.


Wessels: "I haven't even spoken to him since the early '80s."

Ritchie: ""Kepler and I are great mates."

Big Ramifications

Big Tone! I wanted to say exactly that. But I deleted the last two paras coz my comment was getting long.

I compared Wayne Carey [grovelling apologist] to Shane Warne [oh well, ya get that]. Both sportsmen who got sprung doin' the dirty at very approximately the same time. I'd have to go thru my back collection of New Idea magazine to find the exact dates.


Big Ramifications

Dunno if I read it here, or maybe just Wikipedia, but "kaffir" was originally a raaacist word that Muslims used to refer to non-Muslims.

Then at some point the Dutch or Afrikaans picked up on the negative vibe of the word from Muslim traders, and adopted it as their very own.

Aww, isn't that sweet.


Who knew that a man who dressed up in blackface would be so racist?

Big Ramifications

Yes, coz a white person pretending to be a black person is just so farking racist.

I mean. Can you just imagine it? An entertainer. Pretending to be someone else. The temerity of the man.

It's just so racist that we don't even need to think about it any more. Name calling at 10 paces, that's what I always say.

Tony Tea

Cutting edge material at sporties.

Big Ramifications

Yeah well I didn't really wanna go down the whole "is it funny?" route. You're not really adding much to the debate there, sniping away from the shadows.

But now that it's on the table: I thought Mahatma Cote was jaw-droppingly unfunny. Chair-squirmingly bad. And on the blackface front I'm all "Where is all the luvvie outrage? How is he getting away with this?!"

Y'see, luvvies like to be outraged in packs. And for whatever reason all the luvvies were off being eeeequal somewhere else. It never got to a tipping point and Mahatma Cote wasn't run out of town.

I guess?

AGB luvvies, please explain.


Potting blokes or pumping up tires. Grist to the sportsmans' nights grill.

Tony Tea

Sniping away from the shadows is what I do best. I have no opinions, just a finely tuned bullshit detector. Clearly Fat Kat did not offend me. But just as clearly, Fat Kat is about as funny as a pork chop in a butcher.

The Don has Risen

I was going to mecca point but thought better of it


Ironic that Fat Cat just bombed.

Big Ramifications

Just in case you're wondering, both father and son *did* have [separate] chimp-outs directed at the jackass cameraman. All caught on camera by the 7 mob.

The rather physically intimidating son, after his apparently unsuccessful mission to get police assistance, was particularly animated and up in the guy's grill.

You are not allowed to completely flip your lid on the street coz someone called you a name.

I don't understand the "you get a pass coz you're a [insert unruly minority] and you are allowed to have magical chimp-out words" line of reasoning. It's not helping and it's becoming tedious.

You are especially not allowed to completely flip your lid on the street coz someone called your dad a name and you'd just walked out of court facing charges of being part of a gutless mob smashing up a business showroom for the most idiotic of reasons. Your dad was yelling a fairly lucid rant, he didn't need any help. My tail would have been fairly between my legs if that was me. Wouldn't feel like yelling at anybody for a month.

Tony Tea

Boooooooooooo: Ritchie apologises for luncheon comments.

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