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Tell it to the subbies in Auckland.


Is he trying to insinuate something?


Shaun Marsh has apparently been sent back to grade cricket. What a turnaround from batting at 3 for the test team. CA might just give up on him. There has to be players who want it more than he does.


I've thought for about 2 years that Mitch Marsh should move states. You'd have to have a bloody strong mind to resist the easy life in Perth especially if you are constantly told that you are the bees' knees.

If he went to another state, he probably wouldn't be a walk-up to the first 11 for Shield cricket, though no selector in their right minds would leave him out of the short formats.


...and lets not forget the mining boom... which brings loads of cash into WA, cashes up the kids (and underworld), who then get out on the sauce/gear.

Cuz, DanKerr, Mainy, ...any more?

Tony Tea

Growing up in WA (and in mining) the gear was always far more abundant, easy to get and accepted than anywhere else I have lived.


Yep. TT, I'd agree with that about WA. Especially on booze.I'm always amazed at how much people are pissing it up in Perth whenever I go back. The only place I've seen like that - though it was worse - is Glasgow.


Anyway, the latest rumour is the Kat might take up the tainted chalice in WA. They have no-one apart from Voges who I can't see being any more effective in leadership than North whch speaks volumes about the WACA's ability to talent spot or to develop players once they have spotted them.

Big Ramifications

Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

Tony Tea

Drugs are boring. Or rather, drugs make people boring.


Hear Crash on SEN one morning with KB... Didn't . Hold. Back.

Fast becoming my 2nd favorite cricket 'voice'.

Tony Tea

Was Crash talking about the Marshes, Pommersbach and the rest of the 'Groper party boys?



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