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I'd rather they kept the spinner and have either Pattinson or Hilfenhaus as 12th man.

Also, Twatto batting at #3 while Mussey comes in as #6? Daft.

Tony Tea

Hard to know who to leave out from Pattinson, Siddle, Starc and Hilfenhaus. It could be out of Starc and Pattinson, but I would be tempted to leave out Siddle if the other three are in form.


Not sure I agree Tony. Wasn't that impressed with Pattinson against Tasmania. Needs some time to develop still - I actually think Cummins is better bowler right now. On a similar note, will Harris get another run. He isn't young, and he must be sixth or seventh choice. McDermott coming through, Bird putting up good numbers.

Not unexpected mind, but they've quietly put aside two 30+ year olds. Hussey will be next. Don't see him making Sri Lankan series without a couple of big scores. Whether they'll reshuffle Watson down, or try and lump a kid at three might depend on how Watson goes. Am hoping Cosgrove scores some runs. Definitely the most talented and experienced of potential number threes.


Actually scratch that, Spearmint is still injured. Even so, will be a surprise if he plays again. The list of significant post-30 post-injury comebacks for Australian fast-bowlers is pretty short - probably only McGrath.

Tony Tea

Pattinson has the most Shield wickets this season at an average of 16. I can't see the National Selection Panel Group Unit leaving him out with those figures.

Tony Tea

The batting is reeeeeeeasonable. Cowan and Cow Corner have not locked their spots down. Watson is good for 50. Ponting is in the runs, albeit in the Shield. Clarke is going nowhere. Hussey is good for 30-odd going on his last dozen or so innings.

The Indian attack was dreadful and the WI not much better, but the Windies were still able to make us scrap for runs. Not looking forward to what the Varks might be capable of if Steyn, Snorkel and the Philander can keep it tight and are able to get the ball moving.


We'll get rolled for under 100 at least once this series for sure.

I am scrambling around to find any sort of TV coverage here.
I may be forced onto dodgy streams from somewhere.

The Don has Risen

I think a left-armer gives variety. Unless it is a green-top you should always have a spinner.

I called a no-ball for a Haddin , catching the ball before it is over the stumps.


We'll get rolled in every Test. Varkwash. You read it here first.

The Don has Risen

I should add the no-ball was in the last match and I think Paine is a better keeper than Wade.


I don't think we'll get rolled for under 100, but 200 sure, probably twice. Bowling looks alright though. It depends how much stomach they've got for a fight when any of the Saffer batsmen set up shop. That's where Starc and Pattinson both worry me. Sids might bowl stupidly occasionally but he's got enough experience to at least keep at 'em if things don't necessarily fall his way.

Pattinson starts trying to take a wicket with every ball and gets het up and I reckon Starc will turn a bit Johnson if things don't go well for Aus.

And I like Hilfy so am always happy to see him in the team. I'd like to see him bounce Kallis and Duminy.

Hope Alma gets a ton as I love watching him bat. Imagine him and Marlon Samuels batting together in test match cricket. Larvely.


It's in Brisbane right? 4 pacemen seems reasonable given that you have Clarke and Warner who can throw down a few overs of spin if needed. Lyon has been struggling lately.


Lyon has had a fair few catches dropped off him this season in Shield. Considering how batsmen are allowed to play like crap in Shield AND test cricket for months on end but still retain their place it would be a bit rude to drop a bowler with a good international record due to the shit SA fielders.

But it may happen of course.

Tony Tea

If you leave out a spinner you have to win the toss. That is why I was rapt we batted first against the Shrees last year when they tried to exploit us with a sand pit.



I am shock!



Also heard "The Gideon" talking on Warner...

'can get nothing for weeks, then pull out a big ton ... only player who can be so inconsistent yet spectacular' *

Not sure that would be my pre-requisite for selection. But I'm not on the NSP, so it doesn't matter.
Just would prefer an opener who can bat a session and get ~40 consistently than a scattergun like the Cow.

* incredibly unreliable memory makes this quote loose at best


Given two players with an identical average, consistency doesn't make that big a difference, as long as a player is randomly inconsistent then the team score tends to average out. If they fail when everyone fails, and pummel their opponents when things are going swimmingly then that is something else.

Speaking of which, the NSW mafia over on the Roar seems upset that Haddin got dropped. I'm flabbergasted. He should have been dropped before he made himself unavailable for the West Indies. Now suddenly he is a hard-done by incumbent, who just scored a ton, scoring plenty of runs in Shield cricket (average: 41).


Some of the Roar regulars are barking and the place can feel like a circle jerk is going on frequenly. Plus far too many of their supposedly top writers pay little attention to domestic cricket.

Tony Tea

The Roar is hard to follow as each thread is broken up by fellow Roarers pissing in each others pockets.


Re: inconsistency, I'm with Russ - we all bag Watson for getting 50s pretty regularly and not going on with it, we can't have it both ways. The important thing is for a player to make important runs. When Warner has gone big so far you could say that he has.

I am a bit worried about him versus Steyn and Snorkel, though.

Tony Tea

It could all come down to a couple of tosses. If the coins come up the right way it could mean we get best use of conditions. If not, rattle and roll.


'...we all bag Watson for getting 50s pretty regularly...'

I've heard Chapelli say a few times that what you want out of a Test opener is either the ability to either consistently score 50's or to be able to put up big 150+ scores.


Went a bit heavy on the 'eithers' there. Komment Kontrol!


Talking about the NSW mafia ... for the last few weeks on Foxtel's Sportsline there's been non-stop boosting from the Waughs, Lawson and those two League wood-ducks about the Haddin-Wade contest. Haddin for sure. Last night, the batting line up ... who's under most pressure to perform? Without hesitation, without missing a beat "Cowan" they both said. Hughes to go in for sure.

OT, at least that Studio picked the Swans to win the AFL. The Melbourne studio was unanimous in going for the Hawks.

They both talk exclusively to their own markets and forget that the rest of the country is also watching them.


To give Waugh and Lawson some credit, it's not that they don't realise that. It's that they think it's irrelevant with the map of Aus in their heads having NSW taking up nearly 75% of the space.


Tony Tea pots The Roar, forgets to pump up Back Page Lead...


Tony Tea

"Pot"? Only the facts, me.


By the by, I hear England's new opening bat(ter) is another transplant from the Transvaal.


Tone... are you still writing for the BPL?

m0nty... more transplants than Warnie's scalp.

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