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Can being 'clutch' be learned or does the 'choke' trait forever exist?

The Don has Risen

Adam Scott? what about the grate white Shark

Tony Tea

Sharky really only choked once - the 1996 Masters. All the other times he played good golf, but was beaten by fluke shots from Tway, Mize and (I think) Rocco Mediate.


I think he only choked once. You can't blame a bowler for not winning the match for you with the bat especially when he's 18 and had just clubbed a six off the previous delivery.

The wide was bloody awful, dead set.


So we lost a series just before a major tournament. That usually means that we go on and win, doesn't it?

Big Ramifications

I caught a bit of the Bangers-Paki T20 last night [I feel dirty]. Anyone see the Bangladesh dropped catches?

There were 2 dropped catches and 1 non-attempt of a catch that were incredibly suss.

A soft, dollied lob straight to the mid off fielder and he barely gets a finger on it? Fucking right.

Tony Tea

You are a cruel man to criticise a mere cricketer for opting to make a comfortable living.

Big Ramifications

I'm totally on the same page, tough guy.

There but for the grace of God, go I.

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