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Tony Tea

Yoo hoo, boys.


Pat Hannagan is in Sri Lanka, for 'work'.

As they say in the classics: 'whatever'.

Tony Tea

Is Pat a 21-year-old Sri Lankan man, and past employee of the hotel? I do believe he is.

Big Ramifications


Professor Rosseforp

Even in Colombo that's bending the elbow more than 15 degrees.


It could've been the WOMEN Australian cricket team hotel. The Southern Stars are playing in the Women WT20. Maybe he was looking for Ellyse Perry...
OT: Great win by the Swans today.

Big Ramifications

Punter's always looked like a switch hitter to me. He's got those inbred "I'll plug any hole" eyes.

I reckon he's stalking the team. A la Sméagol.

Big Rammer's mum

Two cultural references in such a small comment is laying it on way too thick, son. Who do you think you are, Steven King?

And they were described in the most unnecessarily uncouth manner, I might add.

Cricket blogs were the loser today.

Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil

I had the distinction of being the only other actor besides Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes to do a "Captains Log" entry on the entire run of the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Norman St. John Polevaulter

Well I don't like your sarcastic tone, Mrs Big Rammer's mum, and I also completely disagree with what you said.

John Donne Bradman

Listen, sizzlechest. No cricket blog is an island entire of itself. Each is a piece of the genre, a part of the main.

If a comments section goes off the rails, cricket blogs are the less.


What about that episode where Bev Crusher was the only officer left on the Enterprise? She was logging all over the place.

The Mongrel

Brad Haddin comeback story of the day - from the Sun Herald:

BRAD HADDIN has advised Michael Clarke and the fellow selectors he is again available to play for the national team.

Clarke described Haddin's performance in the drawn Sheffield Shield clash against Tasmania as ''outstanding''......

Haddin scored 114 of NSW's first innings 442 and later showed sharp reflexes and technique behind the wicket, including a brilliant leg-side stumping of Alex Doolan off the medium fast bowling of Trent Copeland.

Haddin exited the Test tour of the West Indies early this year after his daughter Mia fell seriously ill and has not played international cricket since.

So his absence from the Test team is nothing to do with his awful wicketkeeping, eh? Give me strength.


So we belted the South Africans by 8 wickets today. Good result, to go along with the other good result against India a few days ago. Watson looks nigh-on unstoppable at the moment. It's a bit of a worry that he's doing so well to a point though, because no-one else is really having to do that much, and he won't win the game for us every time. Warner didn't look good today at all, and Hussey struggled early. White looked VERY tentative when he came in as well - God only knows why De Villiers didn't give Steyn a fourth over.

We do look pretty good with the ball though, it has to be said.


Warner is an overrated flog anyway.

Hussey frequently looks dodgy early then he starts popping sixes over the fence when you least expect it. He's just about the only one of the batsmen I'm not worried about.

Cam almost looked like his old self towards the end of the innings. Almost.


De Villiers is a terrible captain. He held back Steyn and Botha the other night and let Umar Gul pump Albie Morkel for plenty, which lost them the game. Not sure anything would have saved them in this game, but Steyn was the obvious choice to break the partnership. That same cognitive dissonance amongst ODI captains that they hold back their best bowlers for the death, and then never reach it as part-timers get milked for singles.

Tony Tea

ABDV: Captaincy by letters.


I was listening to the Sofa boys watching us beat the Saffers, and their key observation was that as Chappelli used to say about Brearley that he didn't see the point of going into a game of cricket with ten blokes, the Varks went into the game with only eight. Parnell is seriously pants, which the Sofa lads enjoyed greatly. Peterson and Levi did bugger all.

Steyn and Snorkel looked very dangerous early, but once Shameless came in it was on like Mario Bros.


Parnell is the new slot bowler. He didn't used to be but his bowling makes for grisly viewing now.

Big Ramifications

His daughter Mia has not played international cricket since?


Hey, the Aussies got hornswaggled today. Pretty damn funny it was too. Atishoo, atishoo they all fall down.

Gorgeous George even let X bowl the last over. Just cos he could, and fecking carnage ensued.

Still liking the cut of Cummin's jib though.

Tony Tea

I woke up and had a squizz and WI were 2 for 120 with plenty of overs left and Gayle batting. Almost switched off there and then but car crash curiosity had me hypnotised with horror until I ripped myself away with Watstralia 4 for fark all.

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