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I didn't watch it either. Was watching one of the better cricket series in recent years instead. It's what Kerry would have wanted.


Truly a golden comment.


Other than the whole gist being a pretty transparent celebration of Packer and themselves as a network, I didn't mind it. It also (mostly) stuck to actual facts. (Noted in credits: "Script Advisor - Gideon Haigh"). I thought it was a bit unnecessary to introduce fictional characters when so many real ones were left out of part 1, but that's just the massive cricket nerd speaking. Overall, it was enjoyable trash.


I have recorded it and will watch it tonight. Tomorrow I will report on whether I sold the program short: THE MINISERIES THAT SAVED TELEVISION.


One other thing; you can say what you like about David Hookes, but I wonder whose decision it was to write him into this thing as a hapless, gurning thicko? I realise he was probably considered a little green at this point of his career, but I'm sure he'd be turning in his grave watching 'his' scenes. They mostly consist of gormless stammers and dim-witted observations, played by Australian TV's master of these xsact traits, Richard Davies ( http://ten.com.au/offspring-richard-davies.htm ). The actor in question has perfected this same role in both Offspring and a series of irritating tampon ads, which leads me to believe that labelling his work "acting" may be a stretch.

It might just be me, but on account of his media and coaching exploits, I never got the impression that young Hookesy would have been such a chump.


Didn't Hookesy start on radio with KG Cunningham? You'd have to be some sort of chump to run a successful SA radio show with that bloke.

The old TV ad for an air conditioner - can't remember the brand - had Hookesy as a laid-back sort of cove, but that was just an ad.

His raw talent, but inability to modify his batting technique to suit Test cricket, suggests a certain lack of application, possibly pig-headedness, and lack of discipline.

Gerard Healy always refers to Hookesy's whacky theories on life. Whether they were tongue-in-cheek wacky or outright wacky (code for dumb), or most probably somewhere in between, is a judgement I'm not positioned to make since I've never met Hookesy.


I never listened to him on radio but he did do that cricket show on Foxtel (actually, I think it might have been an earlier incarnation of 'Inside Cricket') prior to taking the Bushrangers job and my recollection was that he made pretty astute and sensible observations most of the time.

Maybe I'm experiencing some kind of selective memory and remembering him as a straight-talker rather than a bit dim...

By the way, the bloke who played Cosier was pretty funny, some might suggest unintentionally. The definition of "the third man in the porn scene", as Bill Simmons would say. Also allowed me to regale (see: induce sleep in) my girlfriend with a tale of watching 1991 model Cosier put on a batting demonstration on the Harry McDonald Oval at Peninsula School in Mt Eliza. He thumped so many balls over the fence into nearby housing that they had to scramble for more. The bowler during this onslaught: a chubby young upstart by the name of S.K. Warne.


It's well worth a look. The subject matter, plus the performance of the guy playing KP, will be enough to maintain the interest of any AGB reader.


If it was a movie which I knew nothing about going in then I would judge it a shallow, poorly directed, haphazardly cast (Kerry is okay), dumb scripted, slop musicked, stinker bandwagoning too quickly off the arse of last year's magazine show Paper Giants.

As a chronicle it was worth a watch.


The ad for the soundtrack (before the credits had even rolled through) made me laugh. The only people left who had not heard/bought/discarded that music would be under 25, which I assume would be the precise demographic that wouldn't watch a mini-series about a TV mogul/cricket svengali.

Interesting that everyone is raving about Lachy Hulme as Packer; I assume Rob Carlton (Packer in Paper Giants) is hardly standing by with the pom poms.


Fascinating discussion between Hoggy and Cosier on SEN about the show. Cosier reckons there is no way Packer would have picked a list of players and that a players' vote two years before in which Hoggy and Cosier were the only two players in the SA XI to vote against a proposal to strike would have influenced Ian Chappell who "has a long memory".

Sir Loin of Beef

Ian Chappell holds grudges?!? Well, I never.


Tony Tea

By the way, Ian Chappell had organised the strike because while he was batting (Jan 1975) the SA selectors picked Bob Blewett, who Chappell hated. The strike was going to mean the SA players would refuse to play in a Shield tour up the east coast. I guess Chappelli, who had impressed upon his the need to WSC secrecy, perceived Hoggy and Cosier as establishment supporters. But both Hoggy and Cosier were Victorians, who did not give much of a shit about SA dramas. For Hoggy, it was his first Shield game at 25, and for Cosier it was suggested he play because he was close to national selection.


Thanks. I was wondering what the deal was with Cosier.


Chappelli is currently commentating on the Aus vs. SA U/19 World Cup semi on FOX. There's no escaping him!

Tony Tea

I've had a lightbulb moment. Chappelli is reluctant to speak his mind in the commentary. Right? This is because he has to be careful what he says because he may let out a secret relating to one of his previous dirty deals or back stabs. You know it makes cents.


During his commentary stint today he was talking about Guy Fawkes Night in Australia and he deadpanned that he's surprised Australian's would celebrate the attempted destruction of the British Parliament.

Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen Chappelli and M. Patard in the same room together?


5 more years of rugby league on channel 9. Say, how does one go about converting to that strange game you southerners play?


Cosier was just having a bit of a whinge though, right? It wasn't only Ian Chappell that didn't rate him, especially given it took international bowlers about 6 months to figure him out, which was when the runs dried up (see: Hughes, Phillip). He gave some very sketchy and selective stats and reasons why he should have been there.

Having said all that, there were some guys who made the cut that could have considered themselves very lucky for the belated pay day.

I just thought it was common knowledge that Chapelli didn't rate Cosier. Will have to check at home, but I'm pretty sure the Haigh book said that 10 years ago.


From 'The Cricket War': "In 'Cricketer' Chappell had revealed misgivings about Gary Cosier. 'I must confess I've still to be convinced that Cose is ready for Test cricket,' Chappell wrote. 'He appears to be overweight and I wonder how hard he is prepared to work at his batting at this stage.' Given the choice by Packer, he thought Cosier disposable."

So there you have it. With Chappell picking the team, Cosier was never a sniff.

It's a brilliant book. The stuff about the politics on the Ashes tour before everything went haywire make for fascinating reading, especially the Marsh v Kim Hughes dynamic (which Hughes dragged O'Keefe into).

Tony Tea

Very sly, although predictable, that Nine would protect Chappelli.

The Don has Risen

Chappelli is one of the very few thoughtful cricket commentators.

I am surprised he is still there.

Packer only became involved because of the Chappelli induced popularity of cricket.

more people were watching it and sport proved to be a ratings winner. ( something that Rupert would catch on to.)

If cricket was still in its boring 50 and 60s mode Packer would have been elsewhere.

I might add it was the second season that made WSC and it was Wran giving packer the SCG and night cricket that then changed everything.

Tony Tea

Cosier takes his foot off the pedal.

He says his portrayal in Howzat!, which he watched on Sunday night with his daughter Cheyenne, is fairly accurate but insists he does not hold grudges against Aussie teammates who kept him out of the loop.

"If that was what had to be done I didn't have a problem with being excluded in that manner - because that was what they were instructed to do," Cosier said.

Tony Tea

Cosier: "From my understanding of Sir Donald, he was a fairly skilled player."

The Don has Risen

Cosier is correct.
Bradman was not liked before WW2. It was only after WW2 the love affair began although Nugget Miller was not one of them.

Both Chappells lay the blame on Bradman for the Packer episode.

Big Ramifications

Great comments Russ. Whoever you are.

My overriding memory of Hookesy the intellect was his woeful garbled annunciation. If you got Tubby and Hookesy to say "Fujitsu" when your back was turned, could anyone tell who was who?

Mention of "KP" up there, and I'm all "him as well?!!" then I started doing some mental maths regarding Kevin Pietersen's age. The shame, the shame.

"Packer only became involved because of the Chappelli induced popularity of cricket.
more people were watching it and sport proved to be a ratings winner."

My only memory of Chappelli as a player – and even then I only remember the furore surrounding the incident rather than the incident itself – was when Chappelli "dropped his strides" out in the middle.

Then maybe a year later, when I found out he DIDN'T ACTUALLY drop his strides, they were more in that fairly modest state of flux when you're tucking in a business shirt....

Professor Rosseforp

Decided against watching a hagiographic treatment of the boss, who seems to command fear and respect even though dead -- and even though he said there was no life after death (from his own personal experience).
Instead, there is yet another crab-fishing epic on the screen, one of about a million episodes in which guys get wet during a storm in the North Atlantic whilst hauling in crabs or throwing out cages to haul in crabs.

Tony Tea

Don't bother. The first episode was mildly promising from a wonder-how-they-will-depict-such-and-such perspective, and there was a hope secrets would be revealed. But no secrets, no interesting depictions and the second episode was boring as batshit.

Len Pascoe

It's opened up more questions for me than it's answered and left me with a bit of an anti-climax.

Tony Tea

Guess you won't need any tissues then, Lennie.

Professor Rosseforp

Have just been informed that there is a new trawler show called Tuna Gold or Tuna Blue that should provide an interesting (zzzzzz) variation on crab-fishing.

Big Ramifications

HOWZAT!: Kerry Packer vs David Lord and the World Series battle

I just got around to reading that link. Crikey, what a hot head.

Loved how David Lord slipped in a "far queue" in the 4th last paragraph.

Tony Tea

How come Lord's "brilliant portrayal, if [sic] was Kerry to a T" does not agree with just about every cricketer who has been interviewed since the first episode, who have all said Big K swore a lot, but never went around yelling and screaming at everyone?

Big Ramifications

Coz Kerry was blowin' smoke up the players' asses, and David Lord was the enemy, so he only saw the ugly side?

I remember an interview with another media magnate [I think it was Conrad Black or Robert Maxwell] who said they were absolutely sh!t scared of Kerry.

Bumped into Kerry at a party, and he wanted to buy a magazine from his stable and Kerry kinda joked that he'd kill him if he didn't sell. And media magnate got the chiils - something about Kerry's body language that he mighta been half serious.

I dunno. I misremember.

Tony, will you queue in the far queue too?

Tony Tea

Been there already.

Big Ramifications

This could have been what I misremembered: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/kerry-packer-threatened-to-kill-me-over-fairfax-deal-says-malcolm-turnbull/story-fna7dq6e-1225720705492

Coulda sworn it was something else. If he's made one kill threat, then surely he's made more. Either way, I give myself 8/10.
Bunus laffs coz the hand-lotion-using spiv, Malcolm Turnbull, reckons he returned the kill threat!

The Twitter Ire of Tanya Heti

Go and hang yerselves ya fahn white cahns!

ps: Lachy Hulme lives on the Hulme Highway. Lies?


Professor Rosseforp

I'm a little surprised at the descent to the argot of the gutter, with comments such as "far queue". Might I suggest a little cultural enlightenment to help us from this situation? How about some nice classical music? Here is a suggestion from a composer I have recently discovered: http://radiomelasudas-beaumarchais.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/johann-joseph-fux-concentus-musico.html

Tony Tea

Nice to see you have been welcomed back to work, Tanya.

Big Ramifications

Missed the announcement, thanks for the heads-up, Mr Tea. They kept that one very quiet.

In a reply to Dawson's complaint, this Monash University chick
** made reference to Dawson's skin colour.
** spoke of Dawson's social class in sarcastic terms.
** told Dawson to get over it.

"Another darkie livin' large off the government teat, tellin' me what to do. Quit ya whining, Marianne Mackay!"

Imagine if I'd retorted that to Perth's favourite protester after she complained about my distasteful Twitter behaviour. Imagine if later it was revealed that I worked at a university, mentoring kiddies.

Totally what I expected the slimeballs at Monash to come up with, too, but their excuse just leaves me shaking my head. The top 10 results on Google look like they're written by the same person, but from what I can quickly gather.

"Monash Mentor used a Twitter account to tweet something. Monash University will ignore the content of the tweet, and confirm that the Monash Mentor's Twitter account has nothing to do with us.

Furthermore, the bit about the Monash University business card and the detective work to track down Monash Mentor isn't true. Monash Mentor's Monash details got traced by another method which we won't reveal, so that means Monash University is super eXxtra not associated with Monash Mentor's Twitter account."

Am I reading that right??! Bloody hell. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/twitter-troll-back-at-work-after-charlotte-dawson-comment/story-e6frf7kx-1226472920815

The meritocracy does not eat its own young.

Daily Kos Lettuce

Hey Big Rammer. 2003 rang, they said they want their moral equivalence back when you're finished with it.

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