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Font Nerd

I shot the serif. But I did not shoot Gill Sans MT.


I fought the law and the law won.

Big Ramifications

You seen that function on Google Image where you can search by image URL? Woof woof.

Ramdin, the promising West Indian wicket keeper who completed his second test century yesterday against England celebrated in a very unique manner. After scoring his century, he dropped his bat and pulled out a paper from his pocket and held it aloft for the cameras. The paper in the caribbean style had the words, "Yea Viv talk nah".

The message was a response to Sir Viv Richard's scathing criticism of Ramdin and his place in the team. The cheeky act from Ramdin certainly did catch the limelight and though he may have answered some critics, he still has a long way to go.

However what a bold statement it was! It was almost as good as the statement made by the Godfather he sent a severed race horse's head to Jack Woltz's bed.


I just love the way a pissant keeper-batsman scores a century in a dead rubber with the opposition resting its two best bowlers and suddenly feels qualified to tell one of the greatest batsman of all time how to suck eggs.


But it's the fact that he did it to Viv that makes it so stupendous.

Luke Pomersbach

You're doing it wrong!

Big Ramifications

I love how well-educated Indians write in English. It's flowery, but not over the top.

That was the first link I ganked. Without looking at the source, I knew straight away it was an Indian journo. Poshin David for GG!


"...... some clown, running onto the ground carrying a placard of some description....."

I can't believe I didn't think of that up until now. I must be slipping!

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