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By the way, Deano, it is "drawing" a long bow. You better sack your ghosty.


I said it before, Slatts is an embarassment. The funny thing was, when he first came onto the scene I quite liked him, and Healy too. Healy had this great habit of explaining technical things really well. "It's important for the fingers to be behind the seam on release, so that it stays upright during the flight of the ball. That way you give it the best chance of hitting the seam and getting deviation off the pitch, or swing through the air. What Nantie Hayward is doing at the moment is all wrong because...." Whatever happened to that? Now it's all old-boys' club cheer-leading.

Quite what millions of poeple being killed 70 and almost a hundred years ago has got to do with winning cricket matches away from home is beyond me. Talk about "ANZAC/digger spirit" or similar if you really want to, but anything beyond that is in appalling taste.


Deano's analogy was probably some nonsense about the Allies winning away from home, but it was one of the more haphazard paragraph of recent times. No idea what the Age editorial crew was up to letting it go to print.

Professor Rosseforp

I note the imperative tone, "you must ask yourself". I had never realised the necessity of it before, but since Dean Jones has put it so bluntly, I would answer "yes" to both wars. Perhaps a minor sport in conquered countries, but it would still be played. After all, if we believe authoritative sources like old British war movies, officers continued to play cricket whilst in German prison camps. France was taken over by the Germans and still continued to play boules.
But I am greatful for Deano's long-bow pulling.

Short Fine Gonzo

The worst thing about reading that article was following the hint to profdeano.com at the end.



Might have to compose an ICC-style rankings system for 20th century wars.

Also, change the rules about grenade chucking.

Superb work, Gonz.


The Diggers have a mixed record away from home. I think we came back to draw the series with the Japanese on the neutral pitches in Singapore and PNG, but we got slaughtered playing the Turks. We did have a decent win in Egypt though, as I recall, albeit under a foreign-born captain (go Monty!). The less said about the most recent series against the Sri Lankans and Afghanis on the sticky wicket of Christmas Island the better.


Let's see:

England - WWI
Australia - WWII
India - Vietnam
South Africa - Boer War
Sri Lanka - Spanish Civil War
Pakistan - Korean War
New Zealand - Falklands War
West Indies - Grenada
Zimbabwe - any African unpleasantness that takes your fancy
Bangladesh - A punch up at the Coogee Bay hotel


Too many associates to mention. But I would like to see the Soccer War crack a game.


Sino-Russian War, any number of Israeli scraps, Afghanistan, couple of Iraqs, Iran Iraq, Japan China, Malaya, India Pakistan (traditional rivals)...

Professor Rosseforp

I think if Deano is going to take this line of logic [ahem] then he should have ... sorry, should of ... mentioned Kokoda.


I hate it when people draw the bow of sport and and fire off the arrow of war. Perfectly beastly analogy.

And anyway, he would have been chasing the land girls around the paddocks in the olden days.


From a historical perspective, I think I particularly resent this sort of shit because "the fallen", and those that didn't fall, are remembered as those that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, families and way of life etc etc. They hold a sacred position in our cultural memory, and are remembered as the best of what we were then and are now. There's an assumption in Deano's rhetoric (despite his "long bow" remark) that it isn't actually that clumsy an anology to draw, because if the Diggers weren't fighting in wars they would all have been playing sport for Australia instead. Sportspeople, because they so obviously represent the best of the best of us, are therefore allowed to "claim" the war analogy. Yuck.

Clearly he's put a lot less thought into it than we have, and it was a bit of a throw-away line. But if he's not putting much thought into it and making those sort of brainless remarks, he shouldn't be "writing" it in the first place. Dickhead.


I dislike the analogy because it puts sportsmen who endure their "sacrifices" on an even footing with soldiers who endure their "sacrifices" - the upshot being that the two "sacrifices" represent equality, rather than equivalence.

Sporty's sacrifices are self-evidently not sacrifices; they are eagerly sought after, mostly enjoyable, well rewarded and often set you up for life.

Soldier's sacrifices are in turns boring and terrifying, comparatively poorly paid, and often set you up for death.


Mind you, I don't think Deano was making that kind of analogy. I think he was trying to make a dumb point with a haphazard paragraph.


Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Professor Rosseforp

Bluto, I think you have that mixed up with when Darwin was hit with a Nazi blitkrieg led by Viet Cong.


And Lincoln's subsequent address to John Paul Getty.


And Chamberlain appeasing the Dalai Lama.


It was stupied what he wrote as the Indians were in both major wars. WW1 the Indians were fighting the Turks mainly in the middle east. As for WW2 the Indians were the bulk of British forces fighting the Japs in Burmas. They also fought against the Afrika Corps with the Aussies at the start of WW2.

Jones is a goose, lets be honest. Slatter is a tool was tops when he started he just now dribbles utter crap out of his mouth like Healy. As they say on Sports Fever "channel 9s summer of cricket goes on and on and on!" Wish they would lose it when the next rights come around.


Commentators often come into the Nine box talking sense, but are soon reduced to talking drivel by Nine's demographic targeting.


What the fark happened to the Australian cricket team I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? This could be the greatest night of our lives, but you're gonna let it be the worst. "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you Bluto, we might get in trouble."

Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Wormer, he's a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer...

[Tony T: "Dead! Bluto's right. Psychotic... but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards!"]

We're just the guys to do it... [shouting] Let's do it!

Poshin David

One year ago we had one the WC and the cricketing world was ours to conquer...Now we just sit wonder what happened.


Don't kid yourself you would have won the WC outside India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Banger.

Then, your old timer batsmen got very old and your bowling is as poor as I've seen it in a long time.


Then, your old timer batsmen got very old and your bowling is as poor as I've seen it in a long time.

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