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The Don has Risen

He won't be bracken the bank will he?

Big Ramifications

RICE. That's how you treat an injury.

Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.

Hmmm, what's that first word? Rest.

"Sorry Nathan, we're gonna have to REST you from the Australian team for 6 months. Make sure you get better. Is that OK with you, Nathan? Sorry about the huge hit you're gonna take in wages. Sorry about trying out your spot with other players. Sorry about the possibility of you never getting your spot back."

I'll give you London-to-a-brick-on odds that he regularly declared himself fit and played with an injury.

A desperate deep pocket syndrome grab for cash, have no doubts, people.


I don't understand why it's up to players to declare themselves fit for selection for international cricket. I never have.

Professor Rosseforp

AND it cost him a certain win in Dancing with the stars ...


Rice is how you treat an iPhone that has been dropped in the toilet.

Big Pontifications

Nice pickup, Lou. I really should have said "not even telling medical staff about knee soreness." I sorta meant hiding injuries, or calling a "really painful tweak" a "slight twinge" etc.

Having said that, even with a known injury like Ricky Ponting's recent finger problems, ultimately it's up to the player to say how they feel, and for whatever reason I've never heard a medical team call bullsh1t.

And even then there's sh!tload of behind the scenes politics and stage managed who can say what and when and in what order.

Happy Gimore

You've never heard of a medical team called "Bullshit" ?!!!


Wonder who made the call to play Lee & Symonds in Melbourne against the Varks in 2008.


They probably called it themselves, like Punter did in the Ashes. Once someone is an incumbent, they can practically play with no arms as long as they say they can hold the bat in their teeth.


I fondly recall that when Ponting got hit on the elbow in Perth against the Windies Gnome B.N. used every word in the thesaurus to describe Ricky as the marvellously, magnificently, brilliantly, Aussiest, toughest everest fighter of ever. Okay, "fondly" is not quite the right word.

Big Ramifications

Speaking of the Deep Pocket syndrome, I saw in today's dead-tree news that some Aborigines in North America are suing the big breweries for holding a gun to their heads and making them drink beer and turning them all into alcoholics.

What a magnificent plan. I doff my lid to whoever thought of it. Madness!


Hope the introduce retrospective legislation here. I am owed 20 years worth of brain cells, wages, low productivity & whatever dollar value can be put on embarrassing incidents.

Big Rammer's mum

Siouxing them? C'mon, son. It was there for the taking.



Talking about retrospectives, fvck the Breweries, sue the Roosevelt govt who lifted prohibition in 1933.

The bastards! It's all their fault.

Joni Rawat

Hello Is it okay if I go sort of away from the topic? Im tryin to read your post from my brand new Macbook although it wont show correctly (a few of the buttons are pretty much missing), any suggestions? Shall I try to find an fix for my browser or something? Thank you for the help I hope! Tashia x

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