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If Sehwag and the stand in wickie unite an Indian team to a good result at Adelaide - on the usual Adelaide deck, against an attack that already has the series won, with possibly one of the main malcontents leading...could Dhoni get the boot? And is this what Ponting was really scared of happening when he forgot about winning a Test and concentrated on the over rate....


You'd have to think that's pretty harsh. Two overs in a two and a half day Test when it's 35 degrees in the shade and your bowlers are getting smashed everywhere? I don't think that's the right decision. It smacks of three strikes/mandatory sentencing.

sanjay sardesai

For MSD that was the only way out.....Smart guy:-)


Not quite sure how 76 overs in 6 hours = 12.66 overs per hour is just two overs short of the required rate. That implies 13 overs an hour is OK??

The ICC target is 15 an over. Did they mean two overs per hour?


Obviously meant 15 overs an hour


Oh - well that changes things a little. I still think they could have made some allowances for the heat, though. And the fact that they were actually ahead the other day in Sydney.


I actually think they should have stricter targets(thirty overs a session, every session), more bannings if necessary and this applies to all teams though India are notoriously bad. They are robbing paying spectators of action.

I had a bit of a look at the Aussies - and while they were a bit slow too (to be expected with 4 quicks) they averaged 14 overs an hour.
Hilfy really gets through his overs.


Carrot, it is two-strikes mandatory sentencing with relatively little allowance for anything that isn't obvious delays. The change from three strikes to two seems overly harsh to me, especially since his previous fine matters and the extremely good rate in Sydney doesn't.


Shep, you forgot to take off 16 minutes for the 8 wickets which didn't come just before a break, 12 minutes for 3 drinks breaks (yes, the target is at most 29 overs/session) plus whatever was used up attending to Warner's injuries and so on. The rules for calculation are relatively sensible - htey just don't make any allowance for the fact that the rate will be good when you're keeping runs down, and awful when someone's scoring a century in no time at all.

Big Ramifications

I went to The Windsor pub after the game, and who should be there, carving up the dance floor? MS Dhoni was doing the Bony Moronie.

No lies.


Did you "make love underneath the apple tree" in the beer garden?


Ironically, Kebabs' penalty comes on the arse end of the Sydney Test where, for the only time in living memory, India (or just about any Test side) bowled 90 overs in 6 hours.

Big Ramifications

Crikey, he's got a head on him!


Jonathan - agreed. Two overs per hour over six hours ends up being 12 overs, which is essentially an extra hour, but when you throw everything into the mix you can see how easy it is to fall behind. I'd like to see some sort of evidence of how much difference going for loads of runs makes, but it's bound to be quite a bit, surely. And being pinged for being tardy in 35-degree heat and having the other week's excellent rate not taken into account soes seem unfair. I'm surprised the BCCI haven't threatened to call off the tour. They've done worse for less before....

It is interesting what they'll ban a guy for! On the ESPN coverage in Sydney, Chappelli was bemoaning the delay that came with covering up the advertising on someone's bat because it was too big, or similar. He told a story about how in the '99 WC, Tendulkar was threatened with a FIVE MATCH BAN for a similar advertising-related trangression, when in the same tournament he witnessed Glenn McGrath "putting his hands on an opposition player" - presumably in an agressive manner - three times for no sanction at all.


Bernard, meet Beaker. Or Beaker, meet Bernard. Whichever it is. Hard to tell them apart.

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