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Thanks, Gaz.

via collins

terrific whistle-blowing by Geoff there.

i particularly like "limited edition versions of things you could have cut out of the newspaper yourself" line.

mind, if you cut it out yourself, could you think up a title as inappropriate as "commander & chief"?

i mean, who develops this crap? joe the segway rider? actually.....


So "Commander & Chief" has been replaced by "Test Cricket Captains". Surely, SURELY, they are just taking the piss, the cynical c**ts.


Maybe they belatedly realised Commander & Chief was a stupid name. As if any sensible marketer should not have spotted it on the planning table. And belatedly? Did they sell out C&C? Did it tank sales-wise? Did they suddenly panic and decide to change horses in mid print-run? So many questions.


For the record:

Professor Rosseforp

While we're bagging out kitsch memorabilia, could we also include the bloody awful copperart statues of cricketers (and Yabba) that seem to pop up everywhere? I don't know much about art* but I've hung around enough galleries to recognise crap when I see it, and these statues are crap. It would almost be worth having another war where all metal needed to be melted down for scrap, just to get rid of them.
Subtext of this post is that I don't like the commemorative statues.

*origin uncertain


Perhaps they ran out the first print run and needed to do some more with a title change?

This is more shonky than usual in that they are "facsimile signatures" - so anyone with some desktop publishing skills and some time could knock one out.


At least they did not trot out their risible "authentic replica" line.

via collins

so if i was to start a web-site selling "authentic replicas" of Tawny's "authentic replicas'...?

oh, the circularity of it all.


Layer, upon layer, upon layer...

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