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Haddin is a goldfish. That's why he keeps getting out playing a complete arsewipe of a shot.

I have a quite thorough dislike of his continued occupation of the wickie's spot.

However, Wade isn't anything to write home about with the gloves. He doesn't look any better than Hads in the few times I've seen him.


It's an item of certainty around these parts that Wade should be in and Haddin should be out. Most every man and his dog is barking it should be done. I am heartily sick of countering that Wade is not actually that good. If he was, he would probably already be in the Test team.


Surely he can't be worse than Haddin?


Probably not. But the selectors want to give Paine first dibs, so they are hanging onto Haddin.


Tony, that's a shocking piece of circular logic. You know perfectly well the selectors don't drop keepers unless they are absolutely forced to. Look how long they left Healy in the slot when it was completely clear who'd be the better contributor. I daresay he'd have stayed longer too, if his form wasn't catastrophically bad by the end (a 12 month average of 11 if I recall).

The evidence suggests Haddin isn't as good as Wade, or Paine, or probably Nevill or others. But I doubt we'll see Wade in the test side soon, or Paine, because Haddin still wants to play and he does enough periodically to stay there.


Circular logic is what I do best.

Hangover Black

Zaheer Khan responded to Haddin's cOmments suggesting Haddin should concentrate on his keeping. Would've been even funnier if he mentioned the "walk down the track and swipe" for a globe in the 47.

And is Wade really that bad that he shouldn't be keeping the gloves warm while Paine sorts his fingers out?


Haddin may well be the designated shit stirrer, as Yakety suggests, but if I was picking someone to take shots at the opposition I would pick someone on thicker ice than Haddin. Then again, maybe Haddin's skin is so thick, he will never care he pot shots bounce straight back.

"Brad Haddin should focus on his keeping. That looks really fragile to me. He needs to start moving."

And now Siddle's dragged in too.

This is all heading Wild Dogwards.


Fvck you Haddin.

If anything is guaranteeing the Indians a win it's you bagging them for not being good enough.


Meh. If there's a better seeing ground in the world than the WACA, I'd be surprised. Keepers have to stand so far back that it takes about half an hour to reach them, and there shouldn't be much need to stand up to the spinners. I wouldn't be surprised if he does well enough with the gloves to have everyone but us talking about someone else in time for Adelaide.

Weather looks like it'll play its part anyway - the weather doo-hickey on my phone is predicting storms on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Mongrel

Latest Weather Bureau forecast for Perth

Friday Partly cloudy. Min 21 Max 32
Saturday Partly cloudy. Min 21 Max 33
Sunday Partly cloudy. Min 22 Max 34
Monday Light shower or two. Min 20 Max 29
Tuesday Shower or two. Min 17 Max 26

Looks allright to me.

The Don has Risen

no Haddin is merely in form as usual.

Can't they all shut up and simply play cricket otherwise they can all eat KFC and buy the next 9 memorial cricket board.


For years Australia was good and the players all got cocky. Then Australia was shit and the cockiness waned. Also, because Australia was (still is?) shit and because Australia was no longer cocky us punters started to like cricket again. Hell, these last few years I've never enjoyed cricket so much, which I find to be an extraordinary personal revelation. Not "enjoyed" as in revelled in smashing the opposition, but "enjoyed" as in Australian cricket had rarely been so interesting, what with all the collapses, klutziness, wondering where we were heading, etc. Now Australia wins a few Tests and starts telling everyone how to play the game. Sure, nice guys finish last, winners have a touch of arrogance, blah, blah, but please, can we just keep an eye on the rear view mirror. Tailgating the National Cricket Group is a massive load of collapses, shit bowling, dreadful losses and embarrassing results.

via collins

that's a screed of beauty T.

Dare I suggest, it should be mounted and sold for $500 a pop by Tawny at Tea Time?


Maybe Haddin should start keeping with his gob open, he'd have a better chance of keeping the ball off the grass.

Pat's non ton of fun

This Perth test is building to a mass controversy of Wild Dawgz proportions. On top of all the slagging, birds and injuries comes possible pitch tampering: India stunned as people caught drinking on WACA pitch


Bees. We need a swarm of bees.

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