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It's not even Australia A. That would indicate it's the second-best XI. It's Australia T.


How does Mr Cricket not get a guernsey. Or that other foundation Scorcher H.Gibbs?? East-coast bias.

Hangover Black

Mr Cricket is being rested.

Can't quite understand the Bailey decision. Should've given it to Warner. May as well give him a few games in the top job before the World Cup is upon us. Why hand it to a bloke that is bordeline in the batting stakes - Unless they want to persist with the underperforming captaincy model that worked so well with Clarke at the helm.

Professor Rosseforp

Initially I thought it was Trevor Bailey ...

Professor Rosseforp

I notice a few ornithological connections in the team selection: Birt (Bird), Finch, Wade (which is what you do in Marshes) -- but Hogg ruins the conceit with an ├╝ber-mammalian name.
Have any other Travises ever played for Australia? And I'm not talking about the Australian Country and Western team ...


Looked up Australia Crooky. Could not find any Travises who played for Australia, but several have played in the under-age teams. The only two Travises who played Tests were Travis Friend of Zimbabwe and Travis Dowlin of the West Indies.


Every Aus team usually has to have a Mitchell in it, the test team is slipping there. They could have had at least two in this squad, so that's a little lazy.

I like having an underperforming skipper. It feels comfortable like a pair of old slipper as he is selected in place of an underperforming skipper who replaced... an underperforming skipper.


One day the selectors may pick up your slack with three Mitchells: Johnson, Starc & Marsh.


Maddinson can't be far away. He got the second most runs for an Aussie in the BBL.

Big Ramifications

The West Coast E-Girls had 4 Chads one year. Count 'em.

Rintoul, Morrison, Flatline Fletcher... and... GODDAMIT. Help me out here folks.

Big Ramifications

Bah! Misremembered. That's awfully annoying. I coulda sworn it was 4 in one year.

Chad Jones played for the E-Girls a few years after their CHAD DYNASTY had ended.


"John rang me up yesterday morning and asked me if I was right to go," Hogg said.

"He woke me up about seven in the morning, the old bugger.

"I was pumping the fist before I answered it."


The only two Travises who played Tests were Travis Friend of Zimbabwe and Travis Dowlin of the West Indies.

1. Travis of the Zims... well not really a Test nation now, surely.
2. Travis of the Windies... but they let Courtney's play for them, so no surprise really.

Big Ramifications

Always thought a lot of Windies names sounded like cigarettes.

Winfield Blue
Chesterfield Smooth

Tell me they wouldn't slot right into an 1980s squad.


Winston Navy Cut.


Camel Unfiltered?

Professor Rosseforp

Craven A King Size Filters?
But Benson Hedges would definitely get a go, I think with a few gentle offspinners.
Peter Stuyvesant should be in the South African or Dutch team -- a dashing right hand batsman.
Marlboro Mann, Senior Service, Alpine Blue, "King Size" Escort (probably more at home in a blues band), Woodbine Wild, and the great cricketing brothers, W.D. and H.O. Wills -- not to mention Norman Gunston's own Dukes brand -- all could definitely fit in with the West Indies.
Just out of interest, I am not actually a smoker, but am a testament to the power of advertising.


The captain would undoubtedly be the suave Sobranie Black (the royal Russian emigre), or St Moritz Gold.


Prof. Forp
Loved it! All gold, that post.
Take a bow.

Big Ramifications

Chesterfield Smooth is a tall, intimidating fast bowler. Winfield Blue is more your Winston Benjamin type.

My fave Windies criketer:


Professor Rosseforp

Biggers, love the picture! They are 2 of my faves, with so many big hits, plenty of singles, plenty of ones and twos, and a great partnership.

Big Ramifications

Cheers! I have MAD photoshop skillz, eh?

In retrospect, maybe I shoulda said Shane Watson + Larry Gomes.

ps: They were a tad before my time, a bit too sophisticated for my childish tastes. But I'll never forgive them for Maneater. Was awful then and is unbearable now. It was their Dancing on the Ceiling moment. Their I Just Called to Say I Love You moment.

pppps: You are ON FIRE with the puns, Prof.


I like Dancing on the Ceiling. I'm sorry.


You probably like 'Lady in Red' as well don't you? Go on, admit it.

Professor Rosseforp

Biggers -- "on fire" with puns could also be phrased "flaming idiot".
I liked "One on one" for the buildup of a slow groove -- esp. at the end "I don't wanna play these games ... I don't wanna play these games ... no mooooooOOOooooore" -- actually possibly another early reference to the undesirability of 20/20 matches.

Professor Rosseforp

Lou, "Lady in Red" is okay, but not as good as your namesake, Lou Rawls, "You're gonna miss my lovin'" -- nice deep voice, maybe only rivalled by Brook Benton "Rainy night in Georgia".


I saw the film Lady in Red at the cinema. I was going through a rough spell.

Big Ramifications

I like Don't Pay the Ferryman coz I was quite young when it came out, and I realised it was about the whole River Styx thing from a story told to me when I was a few years younger again.

I had arrived.


Yeah, Lou Rawls has a great voice. Hauls it up from his boots.

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