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Sledging from outside the XI. Not cool.

Lad Litter

I sledged once and bowled the batsman next ball. Thought that was the way to go and continued. Never got another wicket while doing it and ended up continually looking like a cock, as you say. More effective to just concentrate on a good line and length. Ditto giving departing batsmen a send-off.

via collins

Our quicks doing very well focussing on line and length and not sledging/sending off this summer, fantastic to see.

'cept Pattinson of course, but he can do what he wants!


I don't mind sledging in a game. Never much done it myself, but I've had the odd chuckle and more than the odd massive cringe. The two times I sledged and got under someone's skin were both in footy and they were both throw-away lines where I didn't really mean to ping the bloke. On both occasions the sledgee lost the plot and got sent off for trying to smash me.


We got away for years with sledging because Australia was the best team by a country mile. Now that's no longer the case, why would we tempt fate? With Pattinson out, Harris and his glass knee are now exposed - and we have to think about Lyon. Does Starc come in? Maybe Copeland in a McDonald type role - maybe even McDonald himself? God forbid they recall Johnson!

We jagged a win in Perth last year and India beat us last time they were there.


I thought Ryan Harris was better than that. Never seemed a **** in interviews before.


I wonder the the shiny new rotation policy includes wicketkeepers.




got too excited about the possibility of saying farewell to Haddin. Even illness can't strike him down - he can't catch a cold

The Don has Risen

You cannot sledge in a game as the Umpires should rightly intervene as this is not showing respect for the opposition.

I would rather an injured Tim Paine than a fully fit Haddin.

A neighbour gave me tickets to the big bash in Sydney.

1) Music apart from Led Zeppelin was appalling,
2) They had two people doing something with microphones all the games who are I assume part of one of the teams. dreadful
3)Security people came onto the field after EVERY wicket. why?
4) I do not know why my boys like this rubbish


If only Macaulay Paine had been rotated out of that stupid Johnnie Walker match in the lead up to last season's Ashes and in which he smashed his finger.

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