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Meanwhile, the crowd in Perth was OK, but sadly, the Scoertchers (trying to make that sound Sarf Effiken) were rubbish, so many of them won't bother again. Hilfie was pretty good.


The Hilf bowled exceptionally well. Glad he delivered in the T20; such good bowling would have been wasted in Tests.


Love the "Sydney Chunder and Brisbane Humid" gear Tones...
Need a few more farce names for the faux teams.

Melbourne Denigrates?
Melbourne Farce?
Hobart Mulligans?
Perth Snore-ers?


Melbourne Dome and Domer.

Hobart Maps.

Perth 'Gropers.


Further proof CA is run out of Sydney by hopelessly compromised homers with reality deprivation syndrome. Why would you schedule the launch match for anywhere but the MCG, honestly. Stakeholders deserves a stake through the heart.


m0nty, I am 99% certain CA is run out of Melbourne by former AFL marketing people. In any case, a very high proportion of people would have had work Christmas parties last Friday, so I think Saturday was the better option for the MCG. A pre-Christmas start is, in general, a bad idea I think. People are very busy in that period, school holidays or no.


I'm with Russ. Fixturing the start of the BBL in the lead-up to Christmas is fraught with danger. People did not stay away in droves because they were stuck at their local cricket matches, they stayed away in droves because they were showing up in droves to work piss-ups, buying prezzies, and winding up their years. The best time would be just after Christmas, when people are washed out after a hard few weeks on the fuel, but, of course, at that time there are certain other cricketary obligations on the CA calendar regarding the S and MCG.


I also think people stayed away because, despite what the marketing schmucks tell us, it's not really that interesting.


I've said this elsewhere, but I'd prefer to see the Shield final played the week after the Sydney test. Run the BBL from mid-January through to the end of March. The main (and most time intensive) part of the cricket season would climax just after the Christmas break, the part that fits into work schedules can run up to a finals week starting on Vic Labour Day/Adelaide Cup Day weekend.


Perth BogSnorklers? Perth OldFarts? Perth Gerryatrix?

As usual with Warriors short format teams, it's Shaun Marsh or bust.

The Don has Risen

I would start the season with 20/20 rubbish, then go with one-dayers ( although it appears to be neither fish nor fowl and possibly on its last legs) and then fair dinkum cricket.

That would mean the first test on Boxing day at present.


Russ, fine, Mike McKenna is an Unzidder who hails from the state of Dickheadia. You tell me why they started the series in Sydney, then.

The truth is slowly starting to dawn on us all: the Argus review is not going to solve anything as long as HQ is immune from change. Stakeholders and McKenna must be given their marching orders, toot sweet. The fish rots from the head, as we all know. As noted philosopher Eric Cartman was once heard to note: "Smells like ass out here."


Yeah, I noticed McKinna was a Kiwi the other day. The Manchurian Publicist.


m0nty, best guess: they figured Saturday crowds would be bigger (and I suspect that is correct), and they were hoping for a crowd of 50,000+ on that evening. Which makes the MCG the only option. In the end it made little difference, but I suspect both crowds would have been about 18k if they'd done the reverse. The second to last Friday before Christmas isn't a great day for a launch for reasons already cited.

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