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The sumptuous gaylord is kidding himself if he reckons the commentators think more clearly about what they say. I've heard more lucid exposition on Finey's Final Siren.


If it makes you 'more conversational', then surely there is MORE babble and less of the pictures painting the story.

Radio needs description... TV less so.

Do I really need to know there is a man at short leg WHEN I CAN SEEM HIM THERE?

Chris Rees

It's a bit Samuel Beckett. "The man you see at short leg is … NOT IMAGINARY. The man you see at extra cover is … NOT IMAGINARY. The man you see at the position known as Deep Third Man is … NOT IMAGINARY …"


I'm sure Tawny thinks about what he is going to say - when he is signing his contract to plug another line of tat or a holiday resort in Sri Lanka.

Matt Finnigan

Death to Ed(wardian) Cowan (the III) for sullying our lower class game with his plumb in the mouth accent!


Eddie went to Cranbrook where my uncle was a teacher, so he is, in the words of famed cricket correspondent Daffy Duck "One of our boys!"


"Nine's group of commentators is the most potent combination of proven ability to play the game and broadcast it well. There is a contrast in styles. Compare say, Chappell's quiet authority with Michael Slater's enthusiastic exclamations."


They've slowly got worse over the ages and should rightly be ridiculed, like Rod Hogg did last summer. Foxtel, while not at all perfect, is a breath of fresh air when televising and commentating on cricket.


One wonders how much Kerry Packer's promise of jobs for life has affected the quality of commentary.

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