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I predict Barmy Amir will get a suspended sentence, and the other two will get short sentences, which they will then appeal.


Graham Swann:

‘It’s a sad day. Once you’ve done it, you’re a grown man, you’ve got to suffer the consequences.’

Swannie was talking about drink driving and loopholes.

The Don has risen

I do not believe in gambling.

now these players didn't gamble on Pakistan losing a test.

They made money on some silly no-balls of no consequence.

It does seem strange.

Of the pound stg. 150,000 paid to Majeed in marked notes, only pound stg. 2500 was found with Butt and pound stg. 1500 with Amir. Where is the rest?

Good article:

ICC in a fix from the ignorant naysayers

Much of cricket's spluttering rage has flowed on the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Anti-corruption and Security unit (ACSU).

Predictable barbs have come from predictable sources; Ian Botham and Andrew Strauss have tapped into a widespread gripe, that the body is toothless, and has spent far too much money over 10 years to do nothing.

These views are monumentally ignorant, symptomatic of the thoughtless lynch-mob mentality that collective human reaction boils down to now.

Professor Rosseforp

"No bail!" -- great headline again. Guy on the right looks like he's wearing a Tony Mokbel-inspired toupee: Anthony Armani.


Rug Baron.


There was a memorable character in Minder called "the Syrup" (syrup of figs - wigs). In the same episode Robbie Coltrane played a gay hairdresser. For some reason I always remember what he said to Chisolm:" We are receding somewhat, sir."

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