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I don't think the Aussies would be involved in spot fixing etc on the scale that has been uncovered. But some sports people love a bet and are dumb enough to try (AFL's Heath Shaw, Dean Wallis, etc).
So would there be a small chance of involvement... gotta find them first though.

With Patrick a bit on this... the bloke who said Aussies were fixers is not credible (says Marsh), but credible enough to dip his own countrymen in. Double standard.

And Aussies are 'not capable of cheating' (betting/fixing etc)? Yeah... just ask the Ashes team of 1981. Yes times have changed, and players better rewarded, but dont think it 'impossible'.


'Greed knocks on everyone's door, it doesn't just leave Australia alone.'

Nice line from Rodney Hogg rubbishing AB's protestations.


There is no reason to think Australians wouldn't spot-fix if the right offer was made. But it would need to be a hell of an offer. Counting various contracts, endorsements, future media or coaching deals and so forth, an established 30 year old Australian cricketer would have projected earnings somewhere in the range of $10-30m. Around 20 times what the Pakistani cricketers might make. Based on the figures quoted by Majeed, split between half a dozen cricketers, they'd be risking their career for a 10-20% pay rise. Pretty unlikely, and not at all similar to doubling or quadrupling your annual income as those in the dock have.

The Don has risen

so we take the word of a braggart when it concerns the pakis but not Aussies.

We investigate it when it involves pakis but not Aussies.



We are not investigating it; the ICC is.

The Don has risen



Up yer bracket!


Don, can you at least look at the context of it.

Someone was trying to pose as a fixer to get a scoop on a Pakistani and said words to the effect of "everyone is doing it, the Aussies are the worst!"

I hardly think what the undercover journalist says to someone he is trying to entrap is beyond reproach, or in this case even likely to be true.

The journalist was talking to a Pakistani cricketer who promised to have 6 players under his control and tried to get a deposit out of the supposed fixer. He could have just been trying to get the money and run, but no one is accusing any Australian of that.


Fascinating article. Confirms one of my suspicions for some time: that Afridi quit the captaincy because he was jack of having the players lose under him, rather than the spurious reasons he cited.


The story about the players trying to get rid of Afridi was going around about two years ago, wasn't it?


I hadn't heard it about Afridi, Younis Khan had the same problem before him (and the same reputation for incorruptibility).

The Don has risen

when I wrote wow I should have included the irony buzzer.

ughface nothing you have said negates what I said.


Maybe it was Younis that I was thinking of. There was a match in the UAE a couple of years ago which seemed to be dodgy, when that young kid Amir nearly got them over the line against New Zealand.

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