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In theory this shouldn't be hard to test, statistically. Teams dogging brackets will concede more runs in the 9th/10th over; teams fixing will get runout more; have a wider variation of strike-rates; probably get bowled more often; lose more games than is statistically likely.

In earlier reports Majeed had mentioned a specific game as fixed. The scoreboard is pretty damning, numerous suicidal runouts, poor shot selection, very slow strike-rates bar Afridi, and a 10 run, 10th over to push Sri Lanka over 50.

The Don has risen

They were not accused of rigging matches merely doing what the pakis did.

bowling no-balls in certain overs , not scoring runs in certain overs etc.


Donnie, pretty sure we're onto that.

fall protection

Rigging games take the fun out of things. The players aren't the only ones let down when this happens; the general public is disappointed too.

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