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I'd add the referral on Kumar's near miss as well with the jumping pitch map.


The jumping pitch map was very odd. Hope it attracts the same scrutiny as Hawk.


From Crooky:

While we wait for the weather to go away, I will take you back to the second ball of the SL innings yesterday, when I said I wasn't sure about the pitch mat on the lbw review against Sangakkara. Turns out there indeed was something off about it. The first replay indeed showed three-fourths of the ball pitching inside the mat, but the second said half of it pitched outside. We did a little bit of investigation, and found out that the first mat was generated by the host broadcaster, the second by Hawk-Eye. So eventually the right thing was done because the Hawk-Eye mat is what ICC uses for decision-making purposes. However, it also shows that the mat can easily go wrong, as it did with at least one of the two mats we saw yesterday. And it was calibrated between the same set of stumps. The broadcasters, too, will do well to not show their own mat when a decision is being made


"The broadcasters, too, will do well to not show their own mat when a decision is being made."

What if the host broadcaster has the more accurate mat?

The Don has risen

get rid of them all

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