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Probably the same as he would have felt watching Finch flounder against Mendis.

I watched Finch in the IPL.

He can't play spin any better than any of the new players. They all have taken floundering against spin to high art. Hardly surprising considering the state of spin bowling in Australia.

Hangover Black

And after last night's dig by Marsh, he'd be still be feeling pretty good about it.

Hangover Black

This post was never about Hilditch. It was the perfect reverse mozz, knowing that Marsh was coming back into the side.

Top work, Tony.


I was published in the Age Friday: Judd is better than Buddy. Naturally Buddy plays better than Judd Friday night. My power is irresistible.

Hangover Black

I only sneak over to AGB occasionally, so that was the first read of the article.

A couple of comments, if you will. Of the more exhilirating sights in football, Nic Naitanui palming the ball to himself, and bursting from the centre is right up there. I'm lucky enough to have seen both Judd and Big Nic live many times, and would have The Mop right up there in the exhiliration stakes, if not quite as effective just yet.

And if you saw (heard) Dwayne Russell's call of the Eagles/Melbourne game last week, I'm surprised you went for the "kill-shot" reference. I now refer to him as Dwayne "that's nearly 50!" Russell.

I too think Judd could be nearly as effective as a forward. In 2007 when his groin was shot, the Eagles played him regularly in the forward pocket, and he didn't need much of a sniff to kick a goal.


Smarsh used his feet. He's got feet that bloke and he used 'em. Feet are good in cricket.

And the crease. He used the crease. He's knows he's got feet and he knows about the crease.

Two more things than David Hussey knows.

Professor Rosseforp

Lou, I think you should consider the soon-to-be-vacated national coaching position, as you appear to know 2 things that the present incumbent doesn't.


I could have used Dwaynes original aggravating addition to his commentary: "the paint". But "kill shot" is his how-cool-am-I wank-fest du jour. Well, that and "gives it some sky". It's hard to avoid the conclusion that Dwayne thinks the game is all about Dwayne.


He won't be present incumbent for much longer though, will he? The sharks are circling.

Anyway, Smarsh has looked horrible early on in his innings in every match. Sigh. He needs to get over that 'I'm crapping meself' look for the first few overs he faces. He's not going to be a long term prospect, is he?

Mike Hussey usually uses the crease and his feet well against spin bowlers, so how come his brother seems to have missed out on learning that?

The Don has risen

I think we should recognise that Greg Chappell has a reverse Midas touch as well.

I forecast this back when he was appointed.

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