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Isn't Roger Willzzzzz from SA...?
So it should be Roger Wiuuls (how do you spell that SA-style of not pronouncing L's)??

Hopefully the other half of the Matchell dynasty retires too... but what of the future? I cant see anyone worth listening to.

David Barry

My taste in radio cricket commentary almost perfectly matches what the ABC gives us for Tests (not that I listen to them often these days, with Ch9's delay). Roger Wills would be by far my preferred replacement for Mitchell, so I'll guess that he gets the job.

If not him... does Gerard Whateley do cricket? If he does, then I'd prefer him to Drew Morphett, who's probably be next in line.


Roger Wiwwzzzzz.

I'm with you. I could not think of one ready replacement. The ABC might be tempted to go for someone like Anthony Hudson, or Peter Wilkins, or Tim Lane.

Can I throw a name at you for the future: Ed Cowan.



Drew is already doing the Tests. You know that schoolboy commentator who thinks it's 1975? That's Drew.

Gerard is a pretty good commentator, despite the drawl and the dramatics, and would probably make the short list. Would the ABC use him for AFL and the cricket?

David Barry

I recognise Drew's voice, just hadn't heard him on the occasions I put the radio on during a Test.

Hangover Black

It was Clint Wheeldon that he had the "heated discussion" with. It was written up in the Inside Cover section of the West Australian a week or so back. My recollections (and we all know to take recollections with a liberal sprinkling of salt) of the article were that (post heated discussion) Mitchell supposedly sent an abusive late night email to Wheeldon and his wife. No idea what the wife had to do with it. Anyway, the next day ABC management asked Mitchell to clear his desk.

Pretty sure I heard he was out of the country at the moment, and not sure if Karen is with him.

There was some talk of him possibly coming back in a reduced capacity, but only football was mentioned. Not even sure if that will be AFL - as he also does the WAFL telecast on Sat arvos.

I never minded him too much, and he was pretty good for footy commentary.

Hangover Black

My memory wasn't too shabby:



Quit? Pushed? Quushed? Quished?

The ABC has denied reports that Mitchell was told to leave that day and not come back, saying instead he was on holidays.

ABC Local Radio manager for Western Australia Deborah Leavitt would not comment on the email claims.

"Glen Mitchell decided to resign from ABC radio last Friday," she said. "It is with regret that the ABC has accepted his resignation.

"However, the ABC intends to talk further with Glenn regarding possible special commentary opportunities in the future."


Wiws is even more excitable. Gerard would be good, but maybe he works too hard in footy season and wants to have the summer off.

I hear there was a pretty good audition done on a live podcast last summer. Can't recall the name of it.


They can use SGW as a template, but they can't hope to match its excellence.


These homegrown ABC commentators are assumed to be such a laid back, boring, uncontroversial bunch of geeks and nerds. Desk discussion bust ups! Emails to rival and wife! Resignations slammed on the boss' desk! Standoffs! Blood on Wheeldon's hands! More please.


Well, the ABC is public service. Intrigues, plotting, back-borne knives are all part of the daily grist.

Big Ramifications

Did he also have a fight last year with someone else at the ABC?

This might be it: http://www.watoday.com.au/sport/mitchell-walks-out-on-abc-20090622-ctbo.html

First I'd heard of it. Only found the link when Googling for info on the current saga.

Gutless, informationless article, BTW. I was having a bit of a whinge out loud. "How do you have a "disagreement" about that? Is that all the details I'm gonna get? Blah blah blah."

Six paragraphs that explain nothing, except that there was a disagreement and angst and some horsesh1at about annual leave owing.

The Gods must have heard me coz a mate came thru with the full story [his sister had put in many years at the ABC in Perth and still has lots of contacts]... The ABC broadcast the South Sydney vs. Melbourne Rugby League game out of Perth. Glenn wasn't consulted. Glenn got MIGHTY STEAMED and shouty at this act of insubordination – coz he felt he was in charge of ABC sport in WA.

And that's it. Hardly salacious. Why couldn't WAtoday report that?

get a bit of Glenn inya!

get a bit of Glenn in ya life


Judge referred to fellow commentator John Dorotich as "bigger than Hitler's last gas bill".

Yuk, yuk.

Big Ramifications

Moons ago, I think Hooksey got into strife for saying "busier that a one armed bricklayer in Beirut" in the comm box.



This doesn't look good.

Doug Bollinger - NSW - 29
Michael Clarke - NSW - 30
Patrick Cummins - NSW - 18
Xavier Doherty - TAS - 28
Callum Ferguson - SA - 26
Brad Haddin - NSW - 33
Ryan Harris - QLD - 31
John Hastings - VIC - 25
Nathan Hauritz - NSW - 29
Ben Hilfenhaus - TAS - 28
Phillip Hughes - NSW - 22
David Hussey - VIC - 33
Michael Hussey - WA - 36
Mitchell Johnson - WA - 29
Usman Khawaja - NSW - 24
Jason Krejza - TAS - 28
Brett Lee - NSW - 34
Shaun Marsh - WA - 27
Tim Paine - TAS - 26
James Pattinson - VIC - 21
Ricky Ponting - TAS - 36
Peter Siddle - VIC - 26
Steven Smith - NSW - 22
Shane Watson - NSW - 29
Cameron White - VIC - 27


At least get a placeholder up for us to discuss this Tone!

The Don has Risen

This is a shame I liked him as a commentator. He made listening to O'Keeffe at least passable.

I haven't heard anyone on the ABC I would put on the radio for tests at all.

Bring out Aggers

Big Ramifications

I guess if Glenn shouted in the commentary box, there was every chance he shouted everywhere else, too. "Karen, did you GET THE MILK!!! this morning?"

There was a skit on Not the Nine O'Clock News where they had John McEnroe doing normal things like having breakfast with his mum and dad, but still having that on-court psycho persona.


Mate, this is bullsh1t. The head of sport in WA. A doyen. The head of sport in WA at the ABC - I pay his farking wages. The doyen head of sport in WA gets the arse for the juiciest of reasons.

**abusive email **late night email [this implies him being drunk, correct?] **he bought the other bloke's WIFE into it

And there's an eerie silence in mainstream media land. Absolute bullsh1t. Imagine if Ricky Nixon or Simon Katich had sent such an email. Reckon we'd have the same amount of underreportage?

Big Ramifications

Well I'll be farked. Here is the skit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd90m3xKfl8

** Remember at the start of his career, dad always used to watch? Always wore that Gilligan hat.
** Griff Rys-Jones does an awful New York accent.
** I didn't misremember the quote!
** But I misremembered the pauses.


From the West Australian (thanks, Gaz):

Mitchell lays bare battle with ‘black dog’

Former leading ABC sports broadcaster Glenn Mitchell has written a candid farewell letter to his colleagues, which lays bare his five-year battle with depression.

It was circulated widely this week and comes a month after his controversial decision to end a distinguished career spanning two decades.

The letter also includes a claim by Mitchell, who is married to ABC Grandstand host Karen Tighe, that after receiving medical advice he tried to withdraw his resignation.

Inside Cover has chosen to edit some of the letter, but it might help his loyal listeners understand why Mitchell and the ABC parted company.

“Unfortunately, despite having sought and undergone treatment, I was still not fully aware of the depth of my illness, ” he wrote.

“It got the better of me due to a series of issues in my life despite many people trying to help me.

“Regretfully, I refused to listen to requests to reconsider my decision and I tried to solve things myself.

“Leaving seemed like the only option.”

A commentator at four Olympics, 180 Test cricket matches and more than 900 AFL and WAFL games, Mitchell said by the time he sought further medical advice and support it was too late to save his career.

“I sought to have my resignation rescinded, however the ABC did not agree to this request, ” Mitchell wrote.

“It is with great sadness my time with Grandstand has ended for it was a job I adored and whilst it is painful realising what has happened, I know in the strongest of ways now, I have no desire to lose either my family or my life, hence, I am committed to fighting my illness with all my might. I feel I am well on the road to achieving this.”

Mitchell’s contribution to sports broadcasting was recognised in 2000, when he was awarded the Australian Sports Medal by the then Governor-General.

“To all those who had to endure me in the past at times when the ‘black dog’ was visiting, I unreservedly apologise, ” he wrote.

“I have the greatest respect for the ABC and the Grandstand department in particular.

“During my time with ABC Sport, I had experiences that I could not have dreamt of 20 years ago and I got to share many of them with people who I consider to be the best at their craft.”

He acknowledged his time with ABC radio’s Saturday Sportstalk and as the frontman for Aunty’s WAFL television coverage.

“It is with sadness that I say goodbye and I hope as my journey towards better health continues, our paths may cross again, ” Mitchell wrote.

“Thankyou one and all for putting up with me over the years and all the best for the future.”

The ABC’s radio boss Deborah Leavitt said yesterday that Mitchell’s contribution to sports broadcasting is acknowledged, but attempts to talk him out of resigning had failed.

“Despite repeated requests both verbally and in writing to Glenn to delay his choice to resign, it was at his repeated insistence that his resignation was accepted, ” she said in a statement. “At all times ABC Radio acted on the basis of relevant medical advice and did so taking into account Glenn’s express wishes. As Glenn is aware, an offer to discuss the possibility of future contract work opportunities remains on the table.”

Hangover Black

Some good news :http://www.perthnow.com.au/entertainment/perth-confidential/former-abc-sports-broadcaster-glenn-mitchell-joins-6pr/story-e6frg30l-1226313564703

He has sufficiently got over his depression such that he's back on the radio - Perth station 6PR. So for those that are interested in hearing him again, I imagine he'll be doing Dorkers v Geelong this Saturday night, re-broadcast into Melbourne on 3AW.


I'm not a huge fan of Glenn - too many VERBAL EXPLOSIONS!!! when nothing much HAS!!! happened.

He does a tidy straight man to Kerry, which is a plus. And he is infinitely preferable to Drew's childish nostalgia.

Big Ramifications

Sandy Roberts was a master of shouting random words. Sometimes he'd even save it for going into a break. "And the ½ time siren has sounded with the Blues holding a 13 point lead and... COMING UP AFTER THE BREAK! we interview Dean Laidley."

A mate pointed it out to me, I had never noticed before. Subsequently I became fixated by his shouty randomness.

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