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Misread that as Ijaz Butt for a second and wondered what the Pakis had been smoking - could have been interesting viewing though. (or listening, as it were)


I get similarly confused when I see Haroon Lorgat and instantaneously start chanting "haroon, haroon, haroon" from Dr Who.


Smoking butts, maybe?

The Don has Risen

if he does commentate Cricket would be the butt of all jokes and deservedly so


He's a terrible commentator. He keeps butting in.

Professor Rosseforp

His commentary would not contravene his 10 year ban -- provided he only comments during the 5 year suspended bits.


Glenn Mitchell on Pakistan, Butt, commentary, corruption:

Crooked one day, commentator the next: cricket's corruption shame

Of major concern for the game's authorities are the way some cricketing countries look upon their fallen heroes.

If you are currently following this tournament from Pakistan, you'll be getting analysis on the matches pre and post-game and during the break in innings from none other than Salman Butt.

The disgraced captain was signed to provide expert insight into the tournament by one of the local Pakistan TV networks.

For most Australian sports fans, and dare I say for a considerable proportion of the countries that are taking part in this event, that decision seems astonishing.

In countries like India and Pakistan corruption is rife.

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