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It'a long but very good article.

Anyone on this board could have written it though. If you collated the stuff from the last 2 years, we probably have.


I don't agree with him about Haddin. Why would someone being dropped from the t20 team mean anything? It doesn't for Clarke.


I shall be using the term JAMODI liberally.


Stuart has a fair crack and I'm also going for a YARAS - Yet Another Rant Against Selectors.

Selectors pick 2 keepers for a world cup squad. No other country has because you don't need to - just take a reserve to swap in if required.

Now, ordinarily M Hussey would go and Ferguson would go as a reserve, in case Mr Cricket didn't come good - which you'd know in a weeks time anyway. Worst case is Hussey doesn't recover and Ferguson misses 2 warm-up games and maybe a game against Zim.

But, as the team is a batsmen down due to the double keepers, the selectors panic and decide they can't risk playing our top ranked odi batsman and that Ferguson simply must play some meaningless warm-up games.

I'd be lying if I said I'm surprised by this selection nonsense.


I shall be using the term FIGJAMODI less liberally, but I shall still use it.

John Townsend tweeted yesterday: "watching mike hussey doing sprints at waca ground today makes u wonder whether national selectors have lost the plot #rhetoricalquestion"


Oh well, if Huss is fit enough to give the Warriors some backbone in the coming Shield and Ryobi matches, I won't mind too much.

It's awful rude that Punter and Clarke were pretty much allowed to pick themselves as fit for Ashes test matches when they were obviously injured.

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