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Don't you know, it's rude to coach.

Professor Rosseforp

"Coach, at least you could stand up when you're coaching us"
"Dammit, I AM standing up".

Professor Rosseforp

Notice the mis-spelling on the "Ashes supersite" box -- it should of course, read, "Ashes supershite".


"Listen to me! To get hit on the bonce requires technique."


If you slaughter a chook, hang it in your locker while singing Ava Maria, then spin around three times with your bat out in front you horizontally, then touch the peak of Huss' cap, you'll do ok.

But it must be done in that order! Huss' cap LAST.


"And you can all go and fvck yourselves ‘cos next year I’m coaching Zimbabwe."


(Thanks RT.)

Big Ramifications

Here's my 5c worth. You can't go wrong with the good ol' drunken pub argument.


That's telting it like it is.


You can point your finger at Smith, Clarke and Hughes all you like but they'll still be shit

Patard with a vengeance

But see lads, if the easy listenin rock of the Eagles was renamed DAS EAGLES! we'd all be singin' a different tune.

We'd be actually building a perfect beast.

And if Billy Joel renamed himself Der Strummer Joel, then we'd be carin' more about our white walled tyres!

And if the Cure really was killing an arab we'd be put back in Primary.

As it is, we're an English Settlement no matter how much their ancestors want to suicide themselves. English self hate was never the Australian way, until Fraser had his. Our way was always one of mutual antagonism and love.

I really don't understand how you can sit there and suck back your pepsis and applaud the eradication of White Australia. I don't get it, but then your ancestors never did any of the work, which makes me have a mirror to your soul.

My country is mine, and yours has the future.

Patard with a vengeance

The barmy army is just that.

Big Ramifications

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

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