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Yup, Pup and OPH should have been concentrating on the job. Smae too for NIL-sen.
But wait, we WON the Perth Test!
Maybe Stakeholders made an error of judgement? Keeping NIL-sen away from the team seems a winning tactic.


I still want to know what Teflon does; I mean apart from move the witches hats at training.

Professor Rosseforp

If we're adopting an executive-type approach, let's quantify things a little: how many more runs did Sutherland expect Clarke and Hughes would have scored if they had not gone to pre-match functions?


Fair question.

Also, if Stakeholders thinks the selectors did not do "a very good job", what sort of job does he think they did?

Big Ramifications

I've just been on the job.


"Cricket Australia has more hangers on in wanky blue tracksuits than Kim Jong Il"

Nice one, jrod.

Big Ramifications

What becomes of a washed up selector? I'm going the $$$ route, here.

What if Hilditch gets the sack tomorrow? Where does he get the dosh for the next 30 years? Does he have savings? By the look of his *coff* bright red shnoz and *ahem* ruddy complexion, maybe he hasn't. And he ain't no Merv or Boonie. He hasn't got the chips in the game to be flogging VB or shit-inducing high fibre breakfast cereal, no matter how self demeaning he is willing to go.

I reckon there's a v.good chance that the useless chump is just singing for his supper, absolutely sh*t scared for what the future holds.


Hilditch is a lawyer. They've been know to earn a bob or two.

Big Ramifications


Big Ramifications

My baseless innuendo of a comment fully ruled until I read your comment, Tony.


You won't get an argument out of me about that, Sizz.

Professor Rosseforp

Doesn't he get a pension from Cricket Australia from his playing days?


My word, Stakeholders, that's telling 'em.

"It's all those pesky players fault for caring so much about their sponsors and marketing. And the coach is the same. And the selectors aren't quite right in the head either.

It's only ME who cares about T20, I mean, that format of the product that goes for five days if we get the pitch right, what is it branded again?"

Mind you though, something does need to be done about Hilditch, that man needs help. I wouldn't be surprised if he fronted the press with a geeetar and started singing "Summertime Blues".

Big Ramifications

My mum does.


Maybe she should be a selector? What is her policy on youth v experience?


I've rarely seen such undignified scrambling. It is like George Costanza hearing the fire alarm and trampling kiddies to get out the door.


See that update II...! That's exactly what I called for in a rant somewhere at the end of the Sydney Test BLOG post and comments.
A complete review and commission system is needed. But it takes a big man (or organisation) to re-structure itself out of existence.

Time for CA to show us if they have the 'stones' to put the good of the game before themselves.


It is very funny this 'undignified scrambling'. It's just like some political scandal from which everyone is desperate to distance themselves.

I am curious about Michael Clarke's seemingly busy events schedule which he had to work that damn annoying sport around. Isn't this the type of stuff they do once they are retired, not while a big series is on?


From the rediculous to the sublime, the Yarpies haven't lost their tag just yet.

If losing by 1 run chasing 190 isn't the epitome of choke, I'm not sure what is.

The Don has Risen

you clueless bunch.

There is no such thing as a steakholder.

you put steak on a plate and eat it accompanied with a pleasant red wine


Added a Gideon Haigh article to the bottom of the post. GH gives CA a right belting.


For good reason. It is interesting flicking through links over the past 4 years because it is very apparent that the most powerful person in CA is the person doing all the reviews and instigating changes: Marketing Manager Mike McKenna.

On marketing:

"We have eight different groups we market to," McKenna says. "There are The Boys, young men aged between 18 and 24; The Passionates, grown up boys and The Purists who love their Test cricket; Traditional Families who like the ODIs; Outer Burbs who are big TV participation market; Mums, who we are keen to communicate that cricket is a healthy, safe and fun outdoor sport; Event Girls who Twenty20 is targeted to and finally the Cricket Rejectors, whom we don't specifically target to, but Cricket Australia does encourage them through programs encouraging attendance by juniors.
"They all fall into our product plan which also covers branding, participation, sponsors, females of cricket, media and domestic cricket. Working in sport is exciting and they don't come much bigger than working for Cricket Australia."

And scheduling:

"When I arrived, all the match scheduling had been done from an operational point of view concerning the players, seasons and other countries. My appointment coincided with a strategic overhaul to make cricket not only Australia's favourite sport but also to know our customers and sponsors and determine their needs and wants.

On destroying test cricket:

So it is interesting to note that Mike McKenna, a marketing guru whose sporting background is six years at the Essendon Football Club before joining Cricket Australia in April of 2005, has a mandate to determine the future of the Big Bash in Australia. CA chief executive James Sutherland has handed him a blank piece of paper and asked him to be ambitious to find a specific and separate space in the cluttered Australian cricket calendar for the Twenty20 Big Bash.
Cricket Australia's Peter Young said McKenna had a difficult assignment because his challenge was to avoid making a decision on what is most convenient to CA and to come up with the best scenario according to customer research. "All things being equal, the way we would prefer to do it is play the Big Bash during the December-January period when people are on holidays," Young said.

On trashing existing loyalties:

McKenna told the Herald. ''In Sydney, Manly are seen as the silvertails of the competition. We can look at the reasons why culturally or geographically, people are attracted to supporting certain teams.''

On never leavign the inner suburbs of Melbourne:

''In cricket, it has traditionally been that everyone supports the NSW Blues and everyone supports the Australian cricket team,'' McKenna said. ''This is something pretty fresh for us. You have got the east-west rivalry, there could be a west versus south rivalry, in Melbourne we have a north of the river versus south of the river. We want to try to find some of those issues to inspire people and get them to barrack for one team.''

The moderately stupid...

The Ford Ranger Cup has been struggling to draw crowds and CA has conducted an internal review on the future of 50-over cricket headed by marketing guru Mike McKenna. There could be a push at this month's CA board meeting to tinker with the domestic 50-over format next season.

and the downright idiotic:

THE Australian cricket team could be heading towards a radical shakeup with totally different Test and Twenty20 sides playing at the same time in different parts of the globe.

He seems to live in a fairy land where everybody can be pigeon-holed into marketing cliches and moreover, is willing and wanting to reshape cricket to fit his daft plan. And Stakeholders is his willing puppet.


Cricket Australia is Tsarina Alexandra, McKenna is Rasputin. (Which bodes ill for both parties.)


Is McKenna reputed to have an enormous shlong?


Yes. It is attached to his forehead.


I don't mind the idea of separate Test and T20 sides playing in different places. It would devalue the cachet of playing for the T20 side, which would be good for Australian Test cricket. Also, it would minimise the sabotage that the likes of Studsy and Lemming can do to one side only.


Haddin would still sulk if he wasn't allowed to play in both though.

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