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"I feel like a dickhead tonight."


I think KFC could achieve their publicity aims infinitely better if, instead, they offered to tar and chicken-feather the ACB Board and selectors in front of an MCG crowd.

Big Ramifications

I find the ads amusing enough but, nah, couldn't see myself ever doing it.

I would pay good money to see you do it, Big Tones.


I don't need to do the chicken dance to look like a dickhead.


Does doing the chicken dance lead to stress fractures?


Top call, 2B. On the CA tarring and feathering, not Tony dancing.

The Don has Risen

that ad hit them for sitch


Speaking of KFC, am at the WACA with the 2BarCrew ... can only get Chicken Treat here, no Kentucky Fried Bird.


So no mexican waves or any other displays of 'fun' but chicken dances are allowed...okay


Good call, Murph. The MCG did indeed try to ban the wave, but it is still allowed. I guess if there was money in the wave it would be enthusiastically encouraged.


I doubt there will be much of anything done at the MCG today. There's an awful lot of water been dumped on it and it will be pretty soggy at 19:00.

Big Ramifications

1980 s spectator sport. The big two. At the Eagles home ground there still was a large swath of grass with a RED ROOTER caravan precariously perched on top. A great spot for flannelled bogans to watch us get flogged week after week. Gun CHF Stevan Jackson notwithstanding.

And at the cricket, things had begun to get more and more rawkus, yet security had stood still. Full strength beer bans hadn't been invented. Ground security was basically glorified ushers. The cops pretty much did the security IIRC. In other words YOU COULD HAVE A GOOD TIME.

I know the yob behaviour had been happening since the early 70s [John Snow, anyone?]. But the quickening had begun.

Anyway, my point. Mate of mine from Melbourne said he'd been in Bay 13 a few times during the wave, and people would stock up with stuff specifically to hurl in the air. Said he once saw a guy who bought 3 or 4 full chicken carcasses to launch. Furthermore, they were frozen chickens and hadn't fully thawed.
I wouldn't be a happy camper if I got hit by a chook.

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