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Big Ramifications

With 20/20 hindsight

I see what you did there.

Big Ramifications

According to this, Greg Chappell is one of one 3 peeps who have committed a Mankad in ODIs. Class act.


Big Ramifications

Wow. [from the link above] If you get stumped off a no ball then it's run out. I suppose that makes sense... not sure if I've ever seen it happen.

What happens if you get stumped off a wide? Run out, I guess.

The Don has Risen

nothing wrong with mankading.

It was a good law and should still be the law.

It means cheating batsman get their just deserts

David Barry

Biggie, you've misread that article. You can't be out stumped off a no-ball, and if it would have been 'stumped', then it's not run out.

You can be stumped off a wide, and it is called 'stumped' and the bowler gets credit for the wicket.

Big Ramifications

Anyone ever seen Vinoo Mankad and The Don Has Risen in the same room? Exactly.

Thanks for the heads-up Dave. Save me from repeating that clanger in the physical company of others. I misread this line, I think. I'm still confused.

(3) A batsman is not given out Run out if he can be given out Stumped (or, in the case of a No Ball, could have been so given out were the delivery a fair one).

Big Ramifications

BTW I agree with you, Don. I hate it when people play within the rules and yet there's some "not in the spirit of the game" subtheme that gets trotted out every time it happens.

I meant "class act" as in the zeitgeist regard Mandkad, not my personal opinion on Mandkad. Plus I wuz trying to fling a bit of mud. See what sticks.

Er, ya got all that?

Big Ramifications

"Within the rules" up to a point. For example, it's within the rules for a fast bowler to charge into the back of an umpire and pretend it was a big ol' mistake. ;)



Moral surely remains - Greg Chappell must be a right nasty peice of work. What dickhead gives the Unzeders quasi legitimate right to carp on decade after decade about their Tasman big brother's lack of sportmanship. Agree with McKechnie, Trev unlucky it was his BB who was Colonel Kurtz. If my BB told me to bowl underarm I'd tell him to "get well and truly blogged".


The Chappells never went to charm school. Their father, Martin, sounded like a really hard barsteward.

The Don has Risen

The Chappells were very 'competitive' in Adelaide grade cricket as youngsters.

Colin Croft would be suspended these days and so it should be.

Only a wicket-keeper can stump a batsman whereas anyone can run out a batsman.

You can stump a batsman off a wide.

A batsman is only run-out by the wicket-keeper if he is going for a run. You are stumped attempting a shot.

Big Ramifications

Colin Croft would be suspended these days and so it should be.

He should have got life. It was cowardly, and fairly violent as well.

Back in the day before cable TV and extra free-to-air channels, we were lucky to get more than a few balls highlights of Aussie touring Tests, let alone neutral games. Only three instances come to mind where a neutral game made the main sports bulletin.

* This incident [at 4:01]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPQUt6NYbBg

* This happenstance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loYyJllsj68

* And the Colin Croft shoulder charge. I need footage. I need it bad.

The Don has Risen

I totally agree and that is what would probably/hopefully happen


I remember the day I gave my younger brother out in a house match at school, run out without facing a ball. He's never forgotten that.


Is my depth perception out of whack, or are the keeper and slips close to the stumps in the over Holding bowled to Boycott?

Big Ramifications

Is my depth perception out of whack, or are the keeper and slips close to the stumps in the over Holding bowled to Boycott?

A comment on Youtube also references that, and says it's evidence that Lee, Akthar, and The Wild Thing are much faster than the mythical West Indian bowlers of seasons yon.

"Sometimes I think the pace of older generation bowlers is exaggerated.. Granted they were fast and batsmen did not´╗┐ have a lot of protection so they would have been fearsome.. But I think the fastest of all times are still Lee, Akthar, Tait and Steyn. If you look at the keeper and slip fielders here, they are pretty close behind the stumps.. No way can they stand that close if he Holding was bowling at more than 90mph.."

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